Christmas Decorating For Your Home

by Anne Middleton, on January 12th, 2016

You may be packing up the tinsel and organizing the ornament to be stowed away for next year, but it’s a perfect time to re-vamp your Christmas décor.  If your Christmas decorating lacked panache, take advantage of the deep discounts on Christmas décor now to be ready for next year. Americans spend upwards of $6 billion annually on Christmas décor, so spend wisely. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

1.  Focus on a color.  Was your holiday too hectic?   Opt for blue décor to create a tranquil environment next year.  Too dull?  Liven it up with a red-themed tree.  Feeling creative?  Try purple or magenta ornaments for next year.  Is your home really too much during the holidays? Try using bubble gum pink.  It’s used in over 1500 correctional facilities and hospitals nationwide.

2. Focus on one aspect of the Christmas story.  Live in the country?  Turn your attention to the barnyard animals and shepherds.  Love travel?  Make the journey of the Wise Men reflect your personal travels.  For those with a sweet-tooth, why not try the Sugar Plum fairy? When you get specific, you’ll find your Christmas decorating ideas will start to really flow.

3. Work with opposites.  Flank your large tree with smaller themed trees with opposite color schemes.  If your tree is usually flocked, add elements, like silk flowers and birds’ nests to make it hum with life.  Vary textures as well.  A tree that’s all glass ornaments will be less visually stimulating than a tree that has a variety of ornaments of different materials. 

4. Have some DIY fun.  Many retailers and e-tailers offer ornaments you can customize, so let the kids do their own Christmas decorating by making their own ornaments year after year, which is so much more personal than buying pre-fabricated ornaments for the kids. 

5. Have the tree tell a story.  Whether it’s a story about a baby in a manger in Bethlehem or how the Jones family is growing up, when you make the decorating of the tree tell a story, it gives the tree a sense of harmony and purpose besides being pretty. 

Apply the same ideas to your outside décor as well.  We’ve all seen yards that look like a hodge-podge of Christmas tales that invaded someone’s yard.  Be choosy and plan your yard. If it seems daunting, you can add to your décor year-after-year and make it an ongoing pursuit. 

You may be packing the ornaments away, but now is the perfect time to take stock of what holiday décor you have and how you want to enhance next year’s holiday displays and now is the time to save.  Want a holly, jolly Christmas?  Create it with a holly, jolly tree with fake holly and a little whimsy.  Yearning for a white Christmas like the ones you used to know?  Flock it, stock up on snowflake ornaments and add vintage touches too.  A little thought goes a long way when it comes to decorating for the holidays and our codes will go a long way to help you save too.





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