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Christmas Island

by Anne Middleton, on November 19th, 2015

Christmas Island is not Santa’s personal vacation island.  It’s a natural wonder, often dubbed the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.  This pristine island is perfect for the enthusiastic eco-tourist yearning for a new adventure.  Christmas Island was christened for its discovery on Christmas Day in 1643.  Let’s pack those shoes and sojourn to Christmas Island. 

Fames for its red crab migration, 40 to 50 million red crabs inhabit the island.  These diurnal creatures roam the island by day and retreat to burrows to preserve their body moisture.  They spawn in November and December typically, so this is a good time to visit if you’re curious about marine biology.  Don some red shoes in honor of the island’s famed mascot when you trek to Christmas Island, like Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star in a vibrant crimson.  Converse offers $5.95 flat rate shipping, so shod the whole family for the excursion.

Christmas Island is isolated, so many of its flora and fauna species are endemic, which makes it even a more fascinating excursion.  Want to see a flying fox?  We do!  Be sure to put the Mary Knoll Lookout on your itinerary.  How about snapping a selfie by a waterfall?  Hugh’s Dale Waterfall is a haunt for many tourists.  You’ll want a comfortable, flocculent shoe for all this exploring, so go shod in UGG’s Taya Sneaker.   You don’t have to trek to a mall either.  Order online with our codes and get free shipping and free returns.

Yachting is a favorite way of making the excursion to Christmas Island.  Look your nautically-inspired best by wearing shoes by Boston Proper.  If you’re a seafaring type, go to Christmas Island by boat and wear the Casual Slide Wedge.  It may be called Christmas Island, but there’s nothing wintry about this island Eden.  Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper. 

You may not say “Merry Christmas” at Christmas Island, but if you do go to the island merry-making will be in store for you.  Scenic beauty, pristine ecosystems and island amenities await the would-be sojourner to Christmas Island.  Whether you arrive by train or by boats, save on the shoes your need with our codes.