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Class Clown

by Anne Middleton, on May 22nd, 2015

A lot of us were never voted Most Likely to Succeed or Class Clown, but it’s that time of year, when legions of seniors across U.S. high schools are voting on such things.  It’s time to prepare your eighth grader.  It will take four long years to establish a reputation worthy of being enshrined in the yearbook.

Obviously, we all want our kids to succeed and each year college entrance gets more competitive.  Your upcoming freshman is going to beg and plead for a cell phone and/or tablet, so take advantage of the app stores to get that SAT score on the up-and-up early.  On the Google Play store,  start your freshman off with SAT Question of the Day app then graduate them to more intense prep when they’re ready.  You can apply the savings you get from Verizon, who’s offering $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices, to an SAT prep class.

Now, if you’ve even been taken in by a funny salesperson, you know the power of a good joke.  Class Clowns may end up on Comedy Central in their later years.  Your kid may be the next Margaret Cho or George Carlin and that might be pretty cool.  The Apple Store has great joke apps for your would-be comedians and future employees of SNL.  Our offers from T-Mobile are no joke though.  Get free shipping on all orders using our codes. 

Most Likely to Succeed and Class Clown candidates can benefit from a good cell phone and tablet.  We’ve got great deals for your rambunctious eighth graders about to frolic as freshman.  Check out our codes!