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Clean Your Car's Carpet

by Anne Middleton, on July 30th, 2015

If you put your car’s carpeting under a black light, wonder what you’d find?  Probably a whole landscape of stains.  Whether it’s the baby’s most recent regurgitation, a remnant of a bacchanal night out on the town or some of pesky gum that adhered to your shoes, carpets get schmutzy.  Whether your vehicle’s carpet needs a bit of freshening up or a complete replacement, we’ve got the products for you.

If you need to deodorize and cleanse a carpet, look into Griot’s Garage Carpet Spot Remover. Looking to get that coveted “new car” scent back?  Meguiar’s Air Re-Fresher Spray is a great choice too.  Both are available from Advance Auto Parts.  Shop using our codes and get 20% off any order.  Hoard new car spray so you can keep that pleasant olfaction going. 

Say you have one problematic area and don’t need to replace the entire carpet.  Or say, you have carpeting in a less popular hue, like burgundy, caramel or light blue.  Auto Parts Warehouse has swatches of carpeting in common and less popular colors to help you replace dilapidated carpeting in your vehicle.  The Newark Auto Carpet Kit comes in a variety of colors and by using our codes, you can save 5% off any orders. 

Have an older Jeep?  You’ve got special considerations when installing new carpet.  The Custom Molded Carpet Kit from 4 Wheel Parts, fits the 1976 to 1986 CJ7.  The Castle Big Stick is the heavy duty adhesive to get the job done.  Claim your 5% off using our codes and get your Jeep looking pristine again. 

Maintain that unsullied new carpet with TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner from 4 Wheel Drive.  A veritable titan of floor care, the cleaner is biodegradable removes scuff marks, dirt, and stains and cuts through dirt and oil with ease.  With 5% off your order using our codes, it will be that much more facile—and dare we say fun—to keep that carpet immaculate.

If you car’s carpet looks like something from a crime scene investigation or an incubator for biological weapons, it’s time to clean it or replace it.  You’ll have a healthier car and a healthier you.  Use our codes to get that carpet aseptic again.