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Colors And Textures

by Anne Middleton, on August 10th, 2015

Mixed media artists are enthralled by colors and textures.  Since junior high, I’ve always been jazzed by what was possible, taking everyday things and re-purposing them for art.  When I was a neophyte artist, I was mad about hue, so I took to exploring chromatics.  As I matured, I became more focused on texture.  I am a par excellent découper and even peddled a small line of decoupaged candles at one point as a side income.  I’m looking to reinvigorate my artistic life, so instead of jaunting to the art supply store, I’m looking to auto parts. 

My art teacher used to say “Give me the weird.  I am counting on you to give me the weird,” and so my junior high self was somewhere between Dali and Joan Mitchell.  Like Warhol, I’m interested in what happens when we take all-too-familiar symbols from the din of TV and the internet and re-think them.  If you want to play with symbols in your art, check out Auto Parts Warehouse collection of emblems.  Shiny and weighty (not just symbolically either), they may be that focal point you’ve been pining for in a new artistic endeavor.  With 5% off any order with our codes, stock up on a few and see where the muse leads you. 

If you want to incorporate metallic elements into your mixed media and find foil soporific, then perhaps it’s time to look into nuts and bolts.  Advanced Auto Parts is the purveyor of the AutoCraft Stainless Steel Hardware Value pack, 60 pieces of nuts, bolts and other hardware that will not only add glimmer, but texture and edge to your masterpieces.  Get 25% off any order using our codes and rev up your artistic life!

If you’re into stencil work, wheels.  Circular, the spokes of the wheels have many elaborate patterns that could liven up any collage or even a wall!  If you’ve ever wanted to take on a DIY wall paper project, forget plastering up paper and put that wheel base to work.  How about priming a wall an inky azure and then stenciling in the wheel bases in a soft peach? 4 Wheel Parts will get your creativity cycling. Getting 5% off you order is a great incentive to take an artistic risk, when you use or codes.

Floor liners and floor mats with their raised, rubbery, cavernous ridges have a plethora of diverting ways to incorporate texture into a mixed media work.  Use the mats as a stencil or even cut into strips for that psychedelic zebra you’ve been channeling.  The All Terrain Rugged Floor Liner is just one option of many at the 4 Wheel Drive site.  You have lots of choices to save too, including getting free shipping on any order.  Get your art into gear with these codes!

If you’re a collage artist that’s hit an impasse, it’s time to switch gears and shop the auto parts stores online.  Mixed media artist are a special breed and it’s time you had the unique implements to make your stand-out works that much more cool.  Our codes will help you save, so you’re not a starving artist, just a happy, fulfilled one!