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Comfort & Joy (and Security)

by Anne Middleton, on February 6th, 2015

It wasn’t but just a couple of months ago that William thanked his lucky stars he had antivirus protection on his computer. 

William has been officially crowned as the neighborhood’s “MVP of Christmas Spirit.”  This is not because William is one of the Ghosts of Christmas Past from the holiday tale, Scrooge. Rather, William is that kind-hearted neighbor we encounter who dedicates 250% of his effort into holiday home decorations with the simple goal of bringing joy to others.

William not only has over 50,000 multi-colored lights strung across his property, he has patterned these blinking light sources to the beat of a multitude of Christmas carols. 

Every year, he modifies his song list to embrace tunes from the treasured and sentimental “oldies” to the most current superstars.  He inputs an insane volume of data into his personal computer over months and months. William begins his song selection in March.  Then from April until November, he uses every technological device he can procure to enhance his momentous light display.

William programs specific colors and hues of luminaries to flicker on and off in the pounding rhythm of the chosen melodies.  He rarely sees his wife or canine companion during this stage of preparation.  His every waking moment is filled with concocting a first-rate, unsurpassed musical performance that is grander and more elaborate year after year. Can I get a Hallelujah?

William agonizes over even the minute possibility that a bug (or heaven forbid) a virus could enter his computer and wipe away all his efforts to bring smiles of joy to his fellow towns folk.

So he relies on first-rate software to defend his irreplaceable and precious recital documents. It is paramount that he has premiere operational efficiencies for a smooth entertainment experience to impress the citizens in his beloved metropolis.  

Should any naughty girls or boys try to hijack William’s illumination presentation, Norton software will halt them without hesitation. Norton allows him to live his “on-line life” without worry because Norton protects his PCs and Macs from online threats.

And The Abominable Snow Monster of the North, (named Bumble for short) will be barred from trying to trick William into opening a virus-containing email because McAfee is standing guard. McAfee products reject spam, phishing scams and viruses before any harm can be inflicted.

Henry F. Potter , the vicious slumlord and the richest man in Bedford Falls, has no chance of perpetuating his evilness on William, as he did on George in cinema masterpiece, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” BitDefender will assure that William’s musical extravaganza is presented without a worry. BitDefender is a leader in security for online activities, personal files and home networking.

So if your family is fanatical about the holidays like William, or just wants security on all their electronic devices, assure you install software that guards against malicious villains and hackers.  Avoid the nasty repercussions of computer intrusions with comprehensive, easy to use and computer friendly antivirus software.

As for William, it is just about time for him to begin the process of his annual holiday ritual all over again.