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Create an Enticing Patio for Spring Entertaining

by Anne Middleton, on February 24th, 2015

Warm weather is just a calendar page away and it’s almost time to come out of hibernation. Before long, you will be able to escape the sniffling confines of your house to spend time soaking up the sun in your backyard. Before you fire up the grill and postmark the invitations to the first BBQ of the year, you need to spruce up your patio. Home décor boutiques are full of all manner of outdoor items in summery shades and cutsy patterns. But, that stuff is extravagantly priced and too delicate to standup to spring’s torrents of rain and summer’s blazing sun.  Instead, opt for hardy, resilient décor that is both long-lasting and chic.


Start by piecing together an out-of-the-ordinary wind chime. Grab a dazzling hubcap from 4 Wheel Parts and anchor it to the ceiling with a length of rope or chain. Then select a variety of wrenches, screws and other clanking baubles from Auto Parts Warehouse.  Use twine or fishing line to hang the tidbits from the hubcap. As the wind catches the chime, the melodious sound will lure everyone to your polished patio.


With such an enchanting outdoor space, you are sure to be the center of your social circle. From elegant soirees to spontaneous shindigs, your patio will be brimming with family and compatriots all spring and summer. With so many people swarming about, you will need a plethora of comfortable seating. Head over to 4 Wheel Drive and stock up on an assortment of tires. Stack two atop each other and cover the hole with a section of plywood. Top your creation with a squishy pillow and you have a snug and sturdy stool. To give your seating a zazzy look, pop over to Advance Auto Parts for a few hues of touchup paint to coat the tires.


With all the coming and going, mud and dreck is sure to get tracked into your dwelling. Pick up automotive floor mats to plop in front of each entryway. The rugged material will hold up better than flimsy rugs and everyone’s feet will be pristine before entering your home.


Say ta-ta to prime, floral patio décor. An excursion to an auto supply store provides more than enough inspiration and materials for a hardy patio and will wear well and look handsome.