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Cuban Car Care

by Anne Middleton, on June 12th, 2015

Cuba…with two presidential candidates of Cuban heritage and the president rethinking our relationship with Cuba, this island country has been in the news more often lately.  Since the embargo, many of our ideas about Cuba have been shaped by the Elian Gonzales saga and for better or worse, re-runs of I Love Lucy and Desi Arnaz.  Cuba is also known for their national fleet of classic US cars. 

Cubans are masters of car upkeep, probably in large part due to the embargo of 1961.  Regardless of how you feel about the current debate about going forward with Cuba, you have to admire the Cuban dedication to preserving classic cars.  With 5% off your order from Auto Parts Warehouse, you too can keep your car going for decades if you want. 

Classic cars are big business in Cuba and those lucky enough to have a pre-revolutionary car can earn money by ferrying tourists, or Cubans celebrating weddings, along Havana’s waterfront Malecon Boulevard.  Exceptional car care over the decades, literally, has enabled this steady taxi business.  Though your car may not be a classic, you’ll get great discounts on car care items from Advanced Auto Parts with 30% off using our codes.

While the U.S. embargo that took effect in 1961 stopped the flow of new cars, and most parts, Cubans manage to bring in replacement parts when friends or family visit from the U.S.  Those who are not lucky enough to have relatives brining parts over have to fabricate parts in crude workshops. Many scavenge parts from Soviet-era cars and trucks.  Many of us in the US turn over cars every five years or so, so imagine the dedication it takes to upkeep the same vehicle for five decades.  4Wheel Parts is dedicated to giving you the best value parts for your money with 5% off your order using our codes. 

Automotive tours and even a national car museum await the would-be traveler to Cuba.  There are Asian, French and Russian cars zooming along the roadways of Cuba, but Cubans hold a deep fondness for the American vehicles, even if it’s a true labor love to maintain them.  If you love your car and want to maintain it properly, 4 Wheel Drive offers 5% off when you use our codes.  That’s a reason to do the cha-cha!

Cuba is in the spotlight, and with it, their history of meticulous car care.  No matter what the future holds for the US and Cuba, you have to admire the everyday Cuban’s creativity and tenacity in maintaining the cars they’ve had for decades.  Thankfully, we don’t have to do that here in the U.S., but we can still be inspired to take the best care of our vehicles possible and the savings we offer can help you do that!