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Custom Costumes

by Anne Middleton, on October 16th, 2015

Shopping for Halloween costumes at those mini-mall shops or the drug store can be a drag.  The fabrics are horrible and getting them out of those weird plastic wrapping is a chore.  If you are a DIY type, there’s no need to haunt the Halloween shops.  Here are three more costume ideas.

Andy Warhol
Gents, we know you’ve felt left out at times.  If you have light hair (or a wig), glasses and a black turtle neck, you can masquerade as Andy Warhol.  Converse offers a whole line of Warhol-esque shoes and clothing.  So get your 15 minutes of fame wearing Warhols, even if you can’t afford a piece hanging in your home.  Converse offers $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes. 

Sansa Stark
If you’ve got a bouffant white dress gathering dust in your closet, you could be Sansa, especially if you’re a redhead or have an auburn wig.  Game of Thrones-loving Titian-haired beauties just need to procure a faux fur shawl and the Cozy Knit shoes by UGG.  UGG offers free shipping and free returns on your orders using our codes.  So if you’re honey is thinking about being Ramsay, consider dressing up as Sansa.

Sexy Hillbilly
Those red-checkered shirts and daisy dukes not seen the light of day for a while?  Gussy up and tie your pigtails.  You’ll need shoes too.  Both the Peep Toe Wedge and the Crochet Wedge by Boston Proper will help you feel purty.  You’ll get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.  So, get some rustic romance going this Hallowmas. 

October is the month to masquerade, so do it in style.  Shop using our codes and dress to impress all October long.  Don’t get trepidated by high retail markups.  We’ll help you save this All Hallow’s Eve.