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Daddy Daycare

by Anne Middleton, on December 11th, 2014

Your wife just notified you that tomorrow she is going to spend a few hours away from the house with her girlfriends.  You will be caring for your toddler.  Alone. With no help. And it will be raining, so no outdoor play.  You begin to panic.

Then you realize you have the perfect tools to tackle this babysitting project…unconventional finger painting!

1. Preparation
You are determined to keep the home spotless to impress your partner. She will be amazed that you can handle this assignment without creating an unbearable disarray of clutter. 

You dash into your garage and retrieve your rugged ridge floor liners from 4 Wheel Drive. Your kid has boundless energy, so you are relieved to have these thermoplastic material protective mats to keep the floors spotless. 

When put under the table and chairs, the extra bonus of a nonslip surface that includes nibs on the back of the liners, will help keep the liner in place to catch any paint drippings. (Nothing would be more regretful than having your child slip on some paint and hit their head. How the heck would you explain that?!).

Taking the extra step of positioning these floor liners underneath the “art table” will preserve your hardwood and keep spills off your floors. The ultimate joy is that these car accessories are easy to clean…simply hose them off and go!

2. Time to Paint
You are conscious that if you use the good china bowls to hold the paint for this adventure, you will engage in a ferocious fight with your wife. 

Thankfully, you find several cup holders from Advanced Auto Parts that are the precise dimensions to sequester the yellow, blue and red paint for dipping fingers into the gooey colored liquids. These receptacles are manufactured from durable, high-quality materials for a long service life, assuring you that your toddler cannot destroy them.

3. The Activity Aftermath
The laughter and ecstasy that you experienced finger painting with your offspring resulted in a heart filled with happiness and even pride.  Perhaps you have the makings of the next Van Gough in your bloodline. It is inevitable that you and your wife will treasure these early masterpieces as they hang on the refrigerator art gallery.

Now the tough part…time to tidy up.  Your preschooler has been put down for a nap and as you return to the kitchen, it is clear that this leisurely endeavor created chaos and a disaster zone.  Time to hustle before your spouse strides through the door for the homecoming.

Lucky for you, numerous Jeep beach towels purchased from 4 Wheel Parts are in the back seat of your vehicle. These super-absorbent 100% cotton velour towels are looped on one side and sheared on the other. They are large, plush and oversized towels that are magically machine washable, which makes them ideal for finger painting clean-up.

And just to guarantee you wiped up every last drop of paint, you reach for your Auto Parts Warehouse squeegee. This Performance Tool Squeegee is made with tough rubber blades designed to withstand wear and tear even after long use. With a wood handle for maximum comfort and zinc plated body for durability, this 20 inch tool will make clean-up trouble-free and effortless.

“Nothing to it,” you reflect as you flop onto the couch and fall fast asleep.