standard savings is still a thing  4 ways to cope

Daylight Savings Is Still a Thing: 4 Ways to Cope

by Joe Graceffa, on October 11th, 2018

Is it possible that one single hour can have an impact on an entire population? The simple answer is “yes!” The effect of returning to Standard Time 2018 will likely influence the behavior and actions of most American citizens. Just like pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and football, another tradition of autumn is upon us: the end of Daylight Savings Time.


Your Body Clock


By switching to Standard Savings time, we get a bonus hour of light in the morning, but lose an hour in the afternoon. We’ll get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night (technically at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning), but Sunday evening we are likely to feel tired earlier, as the new 10 p.m. will feel like 11 p.m.


In reality, studies reveal that many people don’t, or can’t, take advantage of this extra hour of sleep.  And the resulting shift in the body’s daily sleep-wake cycle can disrupt sleep for several days.


During the week following the return to Standard Time, our body clocks will be telling us we are hungry for dinner and ready for bed earlier. Many will wake up earlier, have more trouble falling asleep, and are more likely to wake up during the night.


As many locations in the United States “fall back” one hour, we need to find ways to cope with the without tumbling into despair.


But fear not! There are some steps you can take to ease into the transition of Standard Time.


1. Don’t Lose Sleep Over Time Changes


When November 4, 2018 comes along, it is likely that many healthy sleeper’s pattern will be thrown completely out of whack. Sleep experts suggest that you do your best to wake up at your usual time.


Our body has a sleep structure to replenish itself and it is best maintained with a predictable rhythm. Disturb the rhythm and you may find yourself struggling to sleep, hard to wake-up, and tired all the time.


One simple solution is to make gradual shifts in preparing for the time change.  This will allow you to have an easier time with the changing of the clocks. Roughly one week before falling back, go to bed and wake up 10 minutes later each day. This will help your body slowly adjust to the “new” time.


A serene sleeping space and comfortable mattress can also make the difference between a restful and restless night. Choose a sleep surface that reduces your pressure points, isolates the motion of your sleeping partner or pets, and promotes airflow. The proper mattress will allow you to dream happier and wake-up rested.


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2. Morning Workouts


Cope with the time change by working out in the A.M. now that the sun rises earlier. Starting your day with a good sweat does have some advantages, says published research:


Evidence demonstrates exercising in the morning can make food seem less appealing and you'll consume fewer unnecessary calories.  


• A morning workout has been found to provide inspiration to keep moving throughout the rest of the day


• You will sleep better at night


• An early workout routine prevents you letting demands of the day sidetrack your exercise program so you’ll be more likely to stay consistent


3. Soak Up the Sun


Since it will be getting dark earlier, experts encourage us to experience as much daylight as possible. The lack of exposure to the sun is a major catalyst for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Taking a walk or even sitting by a window during the day may help lessen the symptoms of sadness, low energy, and depression. 


But less light at night is best. Light suppresses the secretion of the sleep-inducing substance melatonin and may prevent you from getting to sleep.


4. Cozy Up Indoors


Standard Time suggests that you’ll be having some longer evenings indoors. Embrace the darker nights with increased family time. Make it fun by planning special dinners like Make Your Own Pizza night, cuddle up with a cozy throw and watch family films, or play board games.


On a Friday or Saturday night, when there is no school the next day, why not go camping in your living room? Set up a tent or build a blanket fort and let the kids sleep in the family room as a treat. You can even make s’mores over the fireplace or stove teach them your favorite campfire songs.


Treasure these moments together…they won’t last forever.


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Get Ready


Ready or not, it’s time to leave Daylight Savings Time behind. Although our Smartphones and computers will make the change automatically, you will still need to fix your watch, microwave, and car dashboard. This twice-a-year change is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors.


Many people say they look forward to “falling back” and claiming that extra hour of sleep. But for those who have trouble adjusting to the change, try these tips you cope and adjust back to Standard Time.