Decorating Your Home With Art - Tips & Ideas

by Anne Middleton, on January 19th, 2016

If you are like me, you love a well decorated home, but have a deep-seated fear of how to get started in creating a comfortable atmosphere with knickknacks and artwork. 

The objective appears simple enough: to achieve a feeling of making a house a cozy, blissful home.  But home decorating ideas are tough, especially if you don’t have a budget to hire a professional decorator.

Personally, I believe the kitchen is the key area to decorate in any home. Everyone seems to naturally gather where the food is created.  Whether it is a party for friends, a family get-together, an intimate dinner or simply the nightly family dinner, the kitchen becomes the center of the event.

If you are renting an apartment, you options are limited by your landlord’s regulations. This usually restricts your options and means you can’t brighten up the walls with a welcoming shade of paint of your own choosing.

And even if you own your home, it can be perplexing on how to make your kitchen appealing without struggling with various color pallets and second guessing yourself on your decision. I have dozens of sample size paint cans and color chips that have been tested and then go unused.

A simple, fun, noncommittal idea to create the atmosphere you desire is wall art.  Kitchen wall art and décor can effortlessly generate a friendly, welcoming and appealing kitchen of your dreams. And when you grow tired of the artwork, a change is trouble-free.

There are a myriad of options when choosing kitchen wall artwork.  For example:

• Many homeowners choose kitchen wall artwork that's themed on cooking, baking or dining

• Some prefer a focal wall and decide to hang a large and significant piece of art that captures attention immediately as people enter the room

• Consider using your kids or your own handwriting to personalize artwork

•  Use your favorite song lyrics (or quote) to build a piece of wall art

• You can even turn your favorite photo memories into customized art

But what happens when you are passionate about art, but you are become paralyzed with fear in making the first step?

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In a survey of residents, 72% of respondents stated that “When choosing art for my home, the way the piece makes me feel is most important.” can find the wall art for your kitchen that provides inspiration and joy.

They also offer professional framing services and can assist in transforming a bare wall into an original piece of wall art. Consider custom mounting your favorite tapestry, your marathon shirt, your child’s first pair of shoes or any special item in a frame with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

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Our kitchens are where all of the action, love, memories and celebrations occur. The truth is that we live in our kitchens. From entertaining guests to gathering together on Saturday mornings as a family, it's the true heart of the home. Make it inspirational with kitchen wall art décor.