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Difficult Folks To Shop For

by Anne Middleton, on August 19th, 2015

Some people are really difficult to get gifts for.  Everyone has a parent or a relative or finicky friend that’s just a pain in the derriere to procure a gift for.  Whether it’s Uncle Bob or Rabbi Feldman, there’s always some person in our circle that mystifies us when it comes time to proffer a gift.  Mobile apps can help.  Here’s a list of people that can flummox you when it’s time to give them a gift.

1. Grandma’s home health nurse
2. The rabbi, priest or minister
3. School custodian or maid
4. The nanny or babysitter
5. Your ex’s new spouse

Here are a few tips:

1. Focus on their hobbies.  The rabbi, after all, is a Mets fan.

2. Zero-in on an area where they may be stressed.  Custodians, maids and nurses do a lot of physical labor, so a massage gift certificate might be nice.

3. Give them something that may not be part of their daily lives.  If the babysitter watches a lot of SNL, give her tickets to the local comedy club.

4. Though you may like tie-dye, your recipient may not.  Don’t give the ex-hubby’s new wife a Grateful Dead T-Shirt if she’s not a Dead Head like the ex.

Still confounded?  Apps can help.  Android users will love the e-book 1500 Great Gift Ideas in the Google Play store.  Looking for mobile accessories?  Verizon offers 50% off accessories using our codes, so when Uncle Ned goers on his annual fitness kick, you can afford the Samsung Gear Fit.

Apple users have delightful apps in the app store to peruse.  El Gifto is a favorite.  It helps you match gifts by gender and species!  Yes, species.  It can help you find a gift for a pet too! T-Mobile offers free shipping on your order of $25 or more using our codes, so get yourself a new Ipad and save when you buy other mobile gifts.

A well-selected gift can make someone’s day.  Nix the gift cards and take a little extra time to choose something extra special this time.  Use our codes to save too!  That’s our gift to you!