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Ditch The Flip-Flops

by Anne Middleton, on July 16th, 2015

It’s all too easy to reach for a drug store bargain brand pair of flip flops.  They’re cheap, easy and comfortable, but did you know that they can alter the way you walk, and not for the better.  It’s easy to flip-flop on nixing the cheap plasticky shoes because they’re readily available, but we’d like to show you some sandals that can fit the bill without being too expensive. 

Let’s face it flip-flops break.  That $5 pair won’t last all summer.  It’s savvy to invest in a better shoe that will last longer.  The Hurley Phantom Free by Nike looks and feel like that drug store sandal but far exceeds in comfort, quality and durability.  With free shipping on all orders of $150 or more, shod the whole team with these sandals. 

Avid flip-flop wearers walk differently according to Auburn University Auburn researchers videotaped 39 flip-flop-wearers and noticed how they scrunched their toes to keep the flip-flops on the foot while the heel lifted in the air. This motion stretches the plantar fascia. When the plantar fascia and plantar muscles get stretched out, the result is inflammation, pain, tired feet, and sometimes heel spurs.  UGG’s Lyndi thong sandal is a stylish alternative and you won’t have to stretch too much in your pocket book to afford it.  With free two-day shipping using our codes, you’ll be summer ready in no time.

I trip all the time in flip-flops, so I avoid them because of the stubbed toes and skinned knees I’ve suffered.  Boston Proper’s Jelly Thong is perfect for me because it has a very slight heel and just enough support.  It dresses up and down well. I got 10% off when I signed up for email from Boston Proper, so it was affordable luxury!  Sandals with heel straps are the healthier choice, because your feet and toes don't need to clench and grab to keep them on.  Boston Proper has plenty of those too.

Of course, you can skip sandals and go for slips.  Converse’s Jack Purcell Slip is easy in and slip out with all the support and cushioning of a good sneaker and it covers your toes.  I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had worn closed toe shoes because of torn toe nails and stubbed toes.  Converse has perfect casual footwear for an easy, breezy summer and shopping online for Converse is breezy too with $5.95 flat rate shipping. 

Your plantar fascia will thank you if you kick your dime store flip-flop habit.  Opt for superlative quality and superb support rather than a cheap piece of plastic in whatever the fashionista color of the month is.  Invest in your feet!  They support you and we’ll support you with great codes to help you save.