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DIY Car Repair

by Anne Middleton, on July 22nd, 2015

It’s easy to get spoiled with all the online content available.  From cute pet videos to vintage TV programming, you can find almost anything.  Have you shopped the auto parts stores online for car videos, though?  You should!

Mechanics will appreciate the expertise a dedicated auto parts store offers, especially when it comes to instructional videos.  Learn about the basic guidelines and safety procedures involved with installing EBC’s brake discs and pads in EBC’s DIY instructional DVD from Auto Parts Warehouse.  It may not be a Tinsel Town blockbuster or an epic saga, but mechanics and shop students will appreciate this instructional DVD.  Auto Parts Warehouse offers 5% off any order, so watch that DVD library multiply.

The King of Hammers DVD makes The Amazing Race look picayune.  Available at 4 Wheel Parts, the DVD takes us through the “toughest race in the world,” where 44 off-road racers collide in the open desert.  In arid, rugged, perilous conditions, this DVD is perfect for anyone tired of the blasé reality TV fare.  Get 5% off you order from 4 Wheel Parts.  We suspect you won’t be watching reality re-runs all summer now!  If you’re itching to get a whole collection of King of Hammers going, flesh out your burgeoning collection by shopping at 4 Wheel Drive and get 5% off you order there too!

Now, if DIY mechanics is your thing, you owe it to yourself to peruse the Advance Auto Parts website.  They have free online videos to walk you through just about any project you set your mind to.  Need to install a new wheel cover?  Don’t spend hours mining YouTube.  Go to the Advance Auto Parts website.  Not only will you get free, thorough tutelage, you’ll be able to order the supplies you need. Get 20% off your order using our Advance Auto Parts coupon.

Tired of watching re-runs?  We are too.  Whether you want something more stimulating to watch or want to learn something, skip Netflix and Roku and Hulu and look on the auto parts stores online.  We have codes to save, so scope out something new!