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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

by Anne Middleton, on January 13th, 2016

Emily Post is not okay with re-gifting DIY Christmas gifts, so if you want to be sure the gifts you give at the holidays don’t get re-gifted, consider making, instead of purchasing holiday gifts. There are several easy, heart-warming homemade Christmas gift ideas that will help you spread joy next Christmas.  Here are just a few great Christmas gift ideas for next year.

Edibles & Kitchen Projects
Edibles are always a good option for Christmas gifting.  If you know folks go gaga for your gingerbread or your divinity, then stock up on vibrant, marked-down Christmas and holiday canisters and packaging now so you can bake up a storm next holiday season.  Another great idea is help others make baking memories of their own.  If you have a really great recipe, you can creatively package the dry goods and attach the recipe on a festive card.  You’ll need mason jars, ribbon and stationery for these creative DIY Christmas gifts.  Counting calories?  Entertain the kids with homemade play dough.  Or you can make a nativity out of modeling clay right in your own kitchen. 

Everyday Décor
Dress up a drab picture frame with glitter, sequins or shells.  Be sure to include a picture of a memory you and the recipient shared together.  Got a plethora of plain glass vases?  Decoupage them and send them with fresh flowers for the holidays next year.  You can also paint glass to look like marble, perfect for votive candle holders.  Encrust a trinket box with semi-precious stones for a jeweled box.  Grab a white throw blanket and tie-dye it.  The great thing about DIY gifts is that you can play to your strengths. 

Bath & Body Pampering
For those over-stressed folks in your life, perhaps the perfect gift is a little pampering.  You may not be able to afford fancy day passes to a spa, where treatments average $75 nationally. However perhaps some homemade soap or bath gel will help your loved ones get the pampering they deserve.  An easy one to do is a scented perfume oil.  Like food, you do need to be aware of potential allergens your gift recipients might have. You can also make scented oils to burn in an oil burner and if you’re very adventurous, you can purchase blank incense sticks to scent yourself.  For the holidays, focus on the scents of the season, like pumpkin, peppermint, ginger and woodsy scents like cedar and pine.   A cute idea is to make “a spa in a jar” with small self-care items.

The holidays may be over, but now is a great time to stock up on marked-down DIY holiday supplies.  If you want to give a gift they’ll remember, and not re-gift, check out all the DIY resources online and shop and save with our codes.  While others are racing about town, paying too much for gifts without a lot of heart behind them, you can make gifts from the comfort of your own home that folks are sure to love.