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DIY Halloween Costumes

by Anne Middleton, on October 16th, 2015

If the shoes in your closet are looking too ghoulish to even wear with your Halloween ensemble, it’s time to update your shoe wardrobe.  Shoddy shoes can ruin even the most inspired Halloween getup.  Still scratching your head about what to wear to your All Hallow’s soiree?  Here are three more costumes to get giddy about.

The Cowgirl
We know you have jeans and we bet you have a checkered shirt somewhere.  Grab a gimcrack straw hat at the gas station and splurge on Boston Proper’s assortment of boot offerings.  The Tiered Fringe Cowboy Boot is 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper—no bull!

Queen Bee
Those not-so-lily whites you have languishing in your closet can be transformed to a brilliant yellow using RIT dye cheaply and easily.  Make the bee’s signature stripes with black electrical tape.  Shoes, though aren’t so easy, except when you shop at Converse.  The Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection sneakers come in a vibrant yellow hue that’s sure to have you buzzing in delight.  Enjoy $5.95 flat rate shipping.

Lady Leopard
Got leopard print clothing in your closet?  You’ve got a Hallowmas ensemble.  Mix and match leopard prints and complete the look with cat ears and the flocculent and comfortable Coquette Rosette by UGG.  UGG offers free shipping and free returns on your orders, so get your paws in these great shoes today. 

You don’t have to trek to the Halloween costume malls and pick through bins of overpriced costumes you’ll never don again. You can revamp and repurpose pieces in your closet with the right shoes.  UGG, Boston Proper and Converse have the right shoes and we’ve got the codes for you to save.  Happy Halloween!