Do You Buy Food Online?

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by Anne Middleton, on May 26th, 2016

Before going to the supermarket, most of us make a list.  Then we try to find the time between work, carpool and family obligations to get to the grocery store.  Once there, we struggle to find a parking space, locate a clean cart and mindfully walk up and down the endless aisles…all the while trying to stick what is on our shopping list.  Why do we do this when and other delivery platforms now offer an amazing alternative to this unwelcome and time consuming act?

As of 2012, 14% of U.S. consumers shopped for groceries online.  And experts in the category predict that e-grocery sales will increase 21.1% annually through 2018.  It is time for you to join the trend of buying food online!

Astonishing Advantages

Home grocery delivery imparts numerous benefits to simplify our daily lives.  Here are 6 key reasons why everyone should consider this 21st century service from or similar merchants:

1. Convenience

The primary benefit of home grocery delivery is convenience

• Families with small children treasure home food delivery service because it gives them more time to spend together doing other things…and nothing is more challenging than taking a screaming child into a store and trying to calm them, try to shop and try to avoid the nasty looks from others

• Shoppers living in apartments appreciate the fact that they don't have to carry large orders or heavy items like cases of water, up flights of stairs or through their garage and down long hallways

• Everyone can enjoy ordering groceries from the privacy of their home from just about anywhere, even while they are in the pajamas

• Ordering food online saves a trip to the store which is especially beneficial to people in congested urban areas that experience the nightmare of stop-and-go traffic and clogged parking structures

• Consumers look forward to receiving their order fresh to their door from a friendly driver

• Online ordering and e-grocery delivery is a smart way to add some time to your day

2. Fun and Fast Shopping

Today, most shoppers are never far from their smartphones, and those phones make online grocery ordering effortless.

At you can shop quickly with their “Shop By History” tool. This ingenious invention allows you to find all the items you regularly purchase on one comprehensive page. And if you are stuck for what to plan for meals during the week, offers a brilliant resource that provides simple recipes and automatically can add the ingredients to your shopping cart.

3. Trust

Just like when you shop yourself, you can be assured that professional shoppers from Von’s and other grocery delivery services will handpick only the best produce and products at the store, honoring your brand of choice. These focused personal shoppers also pay close attention to expiration dates and carefully handle delicate items like eggs and glass bottles.  After all, your satisfaction determines if you will continue to use their service.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Speaking of satisfaction, if you are not completely satisfied with a product you've purchased, online grocery will refund or credit its full value. No questions asked.

5. Super Savings

The perception is that grocery delivery services are more expensive.  But the truth is that most have exclusive “Online Only” offers and additional discounts on delivery with a minimum purchase.

Von’s offers the ability to save even more with their Club Card Specials. Plus, with online grocery delivery program, you’ll reduce your impulse buys and save a few dollars per visit.

6. Get Groceries Delivered to You

By shopping online, the groceries will appear at your door. There is no waiting in line behind the sweet lady trying to figure out which coupons to use.

With online grocery shopping, you have complete flexibility as to when you receive your order. Even one-hour delivery windows are available when those last minute urgent situations come up.

Home Grocery Delivery Options

Von’s is a leader a superstar in the grocery category.  Charles Von der Ahe opened his 20-foot wide Groceteria in 1906. At that time, the Von’s store was a neighborhood market that catered to the needs of local families. His formula proved so successful that by 1928 Vons had expanded to 87 stores.

In 1948 the sons of the original Von’s owner introduced the concept of pre-packaged perishables and provided self-service produce, meat and deli departments. This milestone marked the advent of the first true supermarkets as we know them today. Today, Von’s has over 270 stores serving millions of Southern Californians and Nevadans and offers food delivery at

Instacart is a newer grocery service that services a variety of stores in major cities. Shoppers can choose from a list of grocery venues to order and get their fresh groceries online and delivered.

Even Amazon has gotten into the home grocery delivery arena in specific cities with Amazon Fresh. Amazon states that they provide “everyday essentials, delivered at the time slot of your choice. Whether it's apples, shampoo, or a digital camera, we've got what you need to keep your household running smoothly.”

Why not give e-grocery online ordering and food delivery a chance? You can save even more with coupons from