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Dogs Can Get The Flu Too!

by Anne Middleton, on January 5th, 2016

You may have a flu shot, but does your dog?  A strain of highly contagious dog flu is spreading across that nation, worrying doggie parents who might be traveling this winter.  An estimated 1,000 dogs in the Chicago area contracted the flu and cases have been reported in Texas recently.  Symptoms include fever, cough, nasal discharge, lethargy and decreased appetite.  Treatment by a qualified veterinarian is needed if your pet is ill, but once treated, pets do have good rate of recovery, much like the human flu.

Things to consider:

Are you boarding or traveling with your pet?  If you are, be sure to ask the boarder what precautions they are taking against the flu.  Dogs that are not traveling or being boarded are at a lower risk, but for those that must be boarded, there is a vaccine available.

If you are traveling with Fido, do familiarize yourself with veterinary care close to your accommodations.  The most dogs most susceptible to contracting the flu are very young and geriatric dogs, which is why loading Dog Buddy, a log of your pet’s vaccines and medications, on your iPad from Verizon might be a smart idea.  Through VitusVet, another Apple app, you can request your pet’s medical records and locate a clinic close to where you are.  Put it on your new iPhone from T-Mobile.   

Thankfully, if you as a human have had the flu, you won’t be able to pass it to your dog and vice versa.  If you do live in an area that’s experiencing an epidemic of dog flu, keep your pet in and if you must go out, keep your dog on a leash with minimal contact with other dogs. 

As humans, we know how awful having the flu can be, so take proper precautions with pets.  Use our promo codes to save on all sorts of family needs, and get a mobile device and service that can serve you in your time of need.  It’s amazing how smart phones and tablets not only improve our lives but can improve the wellbeing of our beloved pets too.