verizon baseball player

Don't Strike Out When It Comes to Your Phone

by Anne Middleton, on May 14th, 2015

You may not be slugger Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals, but you can still hit a home run when it comes to savings on mobile devices using our codes.  Harper hit an impressive six homeruns in three games this past week.  While you may not have similar success at bat, we’re still betting on you for big savings. 

We’ve all fantasized about being a professional athlete and some of us even play in fantasy leagues.  You’re never too far from the action when you load the Fan Duel or Yahoo Fantasy Sports app on your new Ipad from Verizon.  Or splurge on the ZEPP Baseball Swing analyzer, which will help you fine tune your swing for those curve balls coming your war.  You won’t get thrown a curve ball when it comes to price.  You’ll get $50 off from Verizon and free shipping using our codes. 

If your old mobile carrier has struck out, it’s time to move on and T-Mobile has great incentives to get you to home base.  T-Mobile is the official wireless sponsor of Major League Baseball.  If you are baseball fan, T-Mobile is the carrier for you.  Only T-Mobile customers can download At Bat®, and get a regular season subscription to At Bat Premium features for FREE – a $19.99 value!

At Bat Premium brings you every game:
• Stream the MLB.TV Game of the Day
• Track every pitch
• Watch in-game highlights
• Access live look-ins on key plays

Enjoying America’s Pastime has just gotten more affordable.  Our codes will help you get great phone service for peanuts so that you can enjoy amazing apps and in-game highlights.  You’ll never get a curveball when you use our codes, either.