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Down In The Mouth

by Anne Middleton, on October 26th, 2015

As a kid, I never threw a tantrum when taken to the dentist.  I was brought up by parents who imparted the urgency of proper dental hygiene. To this day, almost five decades later, I possess only one nasty filling from a cavity in my mouth. 

So it is curious indeed, why I now would rather circumvent my twice yearly appointments to this doctor who looks down into my mouth. It is not that I am fearful, but rather that I interpret this time in the office as an annoyance.  I am not alone.

Some of the prevalent motives individuals employ to elude their dentist include:

• Poor Service – Yes, I know this is not a retail store, but it is infuriating to arrive on time at the dentist’s office only to be told, “Oh, he is running a bit late, so just have a seat.”  Thirty minutes later you are still sitting, fuming that your appointment has not been honored. No wonder your anger escalates when this guru of dentistry lectures you on the pitfalls of grinding your teeth…he or she is the direct cause of this harmful conduct.

• Invasion - We challenge anyone to admit they enjoy the invasion of personal space by their teeth care professional. Our personal space is sacred to us and having a stranger’s fingers inserted into our mouth for almost an hour is revolting, if you think about it.

• Conversation – When you finally are escorted to the deceptively comfy looking padded chair, the dentist or hygienist promptly fills your mouth with metal tools, yucky suction-type apparatus. And at the same time, this individual peppers you with questions.  Are you kidding me?  Do they not understand that it is impossible to converse when your mouth is full of medical instruments?

• Flossing – At the conclusion of every appointment, they always ask if I am flossing on a regular basis. Yes, I know I need to floss minimally once daily. And I am extremely motivated to undertake this slightly repulsive behavior for the next few weeks.  But as time wears on, and my sample of floss runs out, I neglect this essential action and then encounter tremendous guilt when I admit my flossing shortcomings while trapped in the chair.

However, there are those folks that have discovered the rare dental office that presents a welcoming aura and creates positive memories.  These intermittent establishments employ top-quality hygienists, x-ray technicians and compassionate staff.

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