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Earth Ship

by Anne Middleton, on October 5th, 2015

Look no further than your local middens for building materials for your next home, that is if you’re up for building your very own Earth Ship.  Earth Ships are a reinvigorated house-building technique which uses refuse to fashion sustainable homes.  The principal behind earth ships is that they meld into the environment on which they are built, not just on top of it.  Michael Reynolds of Taos New Mexico innovated this ecologically-sustainable building technique in the early 70s. 

What you’ll need:  tires, bottles, mud, solar panels and a can-do attitude. Earth ships purport to be self-sustainable homes.  The grey water you generate showering becomes water for your garden.  Nothing is wasted.  Earth ship owners also capture rainwater for their use.  Many earth ship owners and renters are avid gardeners, so be sure to load Mother Earth News from Google Play on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Verizon.  Verizon offers $50 off your order using our codes!  

Andrew Zimmern marveled at the wonder of the earth ships in his New Mexico travelogue episode.  One thing that Zimmern noted was that you could grow produce from different seasons all under one roof without increasing your carbon foot print.  There are other ways to reduce your carbon foot print too, if you’re not ready to make your habitat an earth ship.  Check out the iRecycle app in the Apple app store.  It’s a trove of suggestions on how to reduce, re-use and repurpose all sorts of items, including ink cartridges and paint.  You may not be ready to leave your abode in the suburbs for the earth ship, but this app can help you be more ecologically savvy while contemplating whether or not an earth ship is for you. T-Mobile offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, so check out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2! 

Earth ships dot the globe, even being utilized as housing in disaster relief areas, like Haiti.  If the idea of fashioning a home from reclaimed tires and bottles fascinates you, check out earth ships online and load environmentally-conscious apps to augment your knowledge base.  We’ve got codes to save, so you can help save the planet too!