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The Easter Bunny: Optional Occupations

by Anne Middleton, on March 19th, 2015

Let’s take a peek into the life of the Easter Bunny. Should he (or she) become weary of delivering Easter Baskets every year, there are a multitude of job options this for this beloved animal to consider.

After all, this famous, long-eared hare remains unemployed 364 days a year.  Why not earn some extra cash?

1. A viable option for this delightful holiday cottontail seems pretty obvious.  She would be the perfect instructor for teaching the Bunny Hop at weddings, sweet 16 parties, reunions, resorts and all types of festivals.  We are pretty sure she has memorized all the steps to this popular dance.

2. In a related job prospect, the Easter Bunny is most likely also an expert at Hip-Hop. After all, that’s what bunnies do…hop! He could expand his portfolio to provide lessons on this newer dance style to individuals of all ages. 

3. Fifteen years ago, trampolining became an Olympic sport (really!).  Unfortunately the United States has never been awarded a medal for individual achiement in this sport at a summer Olympic game. Who could be more comptent than the bouncing bunny to win the gold?  With the endearing rabbit’s innate ability to hop, our country’s flag is sure to wave above the medal podium.

4. Television reception in remote areas is frequently sketchy and sporadic.  The extended ears of a rabbit could provide the perfect alternative to upgrading TV channels while avoiding a cable bill. These large ears would perform flawlessly as an attennae even on cruise ships where receiving a signal is difficult.  As an added bonus, the Easter Bunny could enjoy a vacation on the high seas.

5. Speaking of elongated ears, the Easter Bunny would be an outstanding and credible spokesperson for Q-Tips.

6. With its buck-shaped teeth, this adorable creature could help with DIY by using his choppers for scraping off old paint from doors  and furniture.

7. Produce companies from around the world would clammor for the endorsement of this popular character to promote lettuce and especially carrots.  The hare could enjoy a windfall and large fortune leading to a substantial retirement account for retirement.

8. The pogo stick has gone from a kid’s toy to an extreme sport.  Xpogo is now a competitive action sport which involves riding and performing tricks on specially designed "extreme" pogo sticks. A rabbit’s large flat feet would have obvious advantages for winning a medal in this new activity.

Yes, these are nontraditional jobs for this iconic symbol, but sometimes the best ideas are the most unconventional ideas.  However, if this lovable symbol of Spring prefers to keep his regular job, there are several opportunities for Easter Bunny employment listed on

Don’t believe us?  Just log on and check it out.  And while you are searching on Monster, browse and explore options for your own career. lists thousands of jobs everyday.