Easter Surprise!

by Anne Middleton, on March 13th, 2015

It was almost exactly a year ago that the most disgusting odor known to mankind emanated from your downstairs fireplace. The aroma was so repulsive, that you and your family became nauseated just walking up from the basement to the living room.

It seemed like an eternity until you were able to add up the clues and discover the culprit of this repelling stench. And when you did unearth the cause of the repugnant stink, you were utterly embarrassed.

The Background
From the time when your three kids were no bigger than knee-high, the traditional Easter party has been held at your humble abode.  Brunch, bonnets and blooming bouquets are always part of the awe-inspiring holiday merriment.

But the true center of attention belongs to the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It is not a simple event to create.  Every year the extended family has grown and now numbers 45 people, with a voluminous amount of new children popping up yearly.

Last Easter you hardboiled and decorated over 180 Easter Eggs to hide for the munchkins so they could search for and discover these treasures with squeals of delight.

You are extremely shrewd in your hiding locations.  Not only do you attempt to conceal these oval symbols of the Easter celebration, you engage in extra precautions….you take painstaking measures to record the whereabouts of each of the 180 eggs on an excel sheet on your personal computer.

What could ever go wrong?

The Tragedy
But last year it appears there was a hiccup in your calculations.  Reviewing your spreadsheet that disclosed all obscure secret locations of the precious eggs, you noticed that you neglected to document the covert site of two of these chalky shelled items painted bright pink and blue.

As it turned out, eggs #179 and #180 were left behind after the festivities concluded, rotting away in your brick and marble chimney.  These orphan eggs were only attained when this pair of perishable objects released their sickening scent which could not be ignored.

You would like to blame the error on your “secret hiding place” list on unscrupulous hackers.  It would be awesome if the absence of data for the site of the two eggs on your spreadsheet could be blamed on outside influences.

But this is impossible.  Your technology protection from Bitdefender is constantly and automatically updated.  Hackers attack where they see weakness. But Bitdefender software assures the latest antivirus software is part of their suite of programs that shield your PC and Mac from harm.

And when you installed Norton software, it removed virus, malware, Trojan and worm infections on your computer. Norton’s anti-virus program shields your equipment from the countless methods hackers use to break in to electronic devices.

The likelihood of a virus penetrating your email would be virtually impossible since McAfee trained you never to respond to an unexpected email or website that asks you for personal information or your login details, no matter how professional it looks.

From now on, you vow to use only plastic colored eggs. This will eliminate the potential hazard of overlooking where they were hidden and evade the chance that this rogue food item can release even a whiff of a nasty smell in your home.

Problem solved.