Education Can Be Fun This Summer!

Read more on how to encourage your child to learn over the summer!

by Anne Middleton, on May 24th, 2016

There are fascinating and exciting ways to encourage your child to learn over the summer that they will actually adore! Regretfully, we now live in a world where some of the most common activities kids get involved in over the summer are “brain drainers” such as video games and posting on social media for hours at a time. These rarely engage the brain of a child or teenager in a way that furthers their education. But all does not have to be lost during the summer. The Scholastic Company and National Geographic Society have endless ideas and opportunities to keep your children’s education going and provide fun for everyone!

Maintaining an atmosphere of learning during the summer is crucial. Data reveals that all young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the before summer vacation begins.

Scholastic Summer Support

Books transport children of all ages into a world of unique experiences and allow them to engage their imagination in limitless ways. This is the focus of the Scholastic Company that was founded in 1920 as a single classroom magazine. Today, Scholastic books and educational materials are in tens of thousands of schools and tens of millions of homes worldwide.

It is a simple concept. Scholastic's mission is built on discovering that one extra special moment when a child finds the right book to read. The Scholastic Company is cognizant that a child who reads at an early age becomes a child who loves to read for a lifetime.

Scholastic’s over 13,000 Book Fairs helps kids find that special book that opens up new thoughts and worlds for an eternity. The have proven that their books, magazines, technology-based products and even toys will expand a student's understanding of today's world.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect reason to have your child participate in a reading program this summer and continue their growth and education?

This support during summer is easily found in Scholastic magazines and their Reading Club that connect your child to the books they crave.  And with recommendations from Scholastic, your child will learn values, the importance of the environment, responsibilities and cooperation.

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National Geographic Society

A book on wild animals or stars and planets or far off places will help increase your child’s awareness of the global world.  And National Geographic Society is a perfect partner to achieve this goal. They excel on guiding every child to a positive and enlightening learning experience all summer long with unique items that challenge the minds of kids.

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It is stunning to note that National Geographic has supported exploration, education, and conservation since 1888. Today, it is one of the largest global nonprofit organizations committed to exploring and protecting our planet. They do this through authentic  television specials, magazines and children’s media. Here are just a few examples:

• Films and Documentaries.  Not your typical documentary company, the National Geographic Society is known for high-quality, award-winning true-to-life 3D films. One of the most popular National Geographic is the groundbreaking film features the lives of endangered giant pandas living in China. Who wouldn’t enjoy learning about these cuddly creatures in a larger than life 3-D movie?

But it doesn’t stop there. The National Geographic Store has over 40 DVDs on topics ranging from car factories the spectacular nature footage that you can watch and share with your child. They may even be unaware at how much they are learning over the summer.

• Weather Wonders.  This summer, teach your child all about the fascinating effects of weather on their daily lives with nautical tide clocks and hands-on weather stations from the National Geographic store.  Your kids will be mesmerized by what they can predict and how to monitor the weather in their own back yard.

• Backyard Learning. Nature is everywhere and what better way to get your kids outdoors than to provide them with a pair of National Geographic binoculars to get them started on bird watching.  Or perhaps a telescope to watch the stars at night in a galaxy far, far away.  Learning doesn’t have to be confined to indoors with sensational educational products from National Geographic.

• Life-Size Maps. National Geographic learning programs include Giant Traveling Maps. They are enormously entertaining and powerful educational tools for introducing geography and map reading skills to students. These are interactive maps designed so that children can actually stand and move around on them. On each continent map kids can explore and “travel” from country to country, hop around, compete, collaborate and have lots of fun. There is even a giant map of our solar system! You will be amazed at how much your kids learn while running around and laughing.

• Just Plain Fun. This year, kids can experience hands-on interaction with robots, how to control flying objects and even build their own car as early as eight years old. All from the National Geographic store.

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A Final Thought

Everyone loves summer. As soon as the last school bell rings, students grab their backpacks and race out the door, leaving all thoughts of math equations and conjugated verbs behind. Often summer involves lot of TV watching, video games, social media and avoiding anything that looks remotely like an educational experience. Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do. 

But a little planning can change that trend and benefit your child’s abilities to maintain learning throughout the summer. Regardless of your budget, reading books recommended by Scholastic or using the National Geographic Society as a resource will provide the types of activities are perfect for keeping your child interested, educated and having a blast during the heat filled days of summer.