verizon hobbit house

Enchanted By A Hobbit House?

by Anne Middleton, on January 5th, 2016

Hobbit homes are the newest craze in sustainable architecture, building on the success of earth ships and tiny houses in the market.  Nearly 48% of Americans think that the government is doing too little to protect the environment and many are looking for eco-friendly house building methods.  As the world becomes more eco-conscious, many have looked for more sustainable ways to build homes and the internet is all abuzz about this latest craze in housing, hobbit houses. 

These so-called hobbit homes are “prefabricated modular micro-houses, which are designed to exist as part of the landscape -- just like the homes from the mythical Shire in ‘Lord of the Rings.’"   Costing about $34.74 per square foot, many only take days to build and can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  The appeal of these homes are not just limited to Tolkien fans either.  This affordable housing could be the solution many aspirant homeowners could be looking for.

There are many factors to consider when building a home, besides aesthetics and sustainability.  Even building a hobbit home is a significant investment.  Here’s a few tools to help you decide if you’re ready to build--hobbit house, earth ship, tiny house or a more traditional home. 

1.  How much mortgage can you afford?  Mortgage Calculator for iPad is a great tool to help you work out every aspect of you home loan easily.  Load it onto a new Ipad from Verizon today. 

2. Are you financially read to pay property tax?  Property tax rates vary by locality but can be a significant expense for the unprepared.

3. How handy are you?  A key advantage of renting is the fact that you’re not responsible for maintenance.  That changes when you buy a home.  Have Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius from Google Play loaded onto your LG V10 from T-Mobile

4. Can you afford home owner’s insurance?  Many states average over $1000 per year for homeowner’s insurance and some areas may need specialty coverage, like flood and earthquake insurance.  

Still unfettered?  Enchanted by a Hobbit House? Then go for it.  Shop with our codes and save on everything you need to build you own new home or renovate a classic. We can also help you save on mobile service and devices for the whole family too, so shop with our codes to save!