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Evening Routines for Successful Mornings

by Anne Middleton, on March 25th, 2015

You know those people that wake up fresh-faced, with perfectly coiffed hair, singing a little melody and ready to tick things off their to-do list?  Of course you don’t. Morning people are mythical creatures, like Pegasus and fairies. Most people wake up more like dragons… confused, disorganized and breathing fire on anyone that gets in the way. Mornings are the most onerous part of the day. Slapping the snooze button, providing a nourishing breakfast and getting the whole family out the door with clean clothes and completed homework usually seems like a herculean task. But, the wee hours don’t need to be chaotic if you stick to some nocturnal strategies to prepare for the approaching day.

10-Minute Tidy

Nothing derails a morning routine like a kid, or mama, who can’t find the mate to their favorite shoe. Set the stage for an organized morning by starting the evening wind-down routine with a quick spruce of the main living areas. Get the whole family in on the action and set a timer for ten minutes. Use that time to rescue your favorite Ugg boots from under the coffee table where you pulled them off, load stray dishes into the washer, locate your keys and clear any debris from any clutter hotspots. Your progeny should use the time to load their backpacks with their books and homework and tidy up toys.

Pack Your Gym Gear

A hectic morning, with no time to round up your workout gear, is the best excuse for skipping the gym. There’s no way you are going to head out for a run if your have to scrounge through laundry baskets and dresser drawers to find a sports bra. To ensure your fitness regimen stays on track, spend a few minutes every evening packing up your gym bag for the next day. Be sure your earbubs are untangled and tucked in the correct pocket, you have your Nike shoes and socks, and your water bottle is filled and ready to hydrate. Stow your gym bag near the front door, along with your keys, sunglasses and handbag, so that it is ready to snag in your rush to get in the car.

Plan Your Look

No one has time at the start of a busy day for outfit ambivalence. Rather than spending precious morning minutes trying to coordinate a flattering outfit, set aside some time in the evening for fashion planning. Create a staging area by hanging a small hook in your closet or bathroom. Use this space to arrange each component of your preplanned outfit. It’s not enough to grab a pair of slacks and top. Think through everything you will need to start your day looking stylish and pulled together. Set aside your underthings, shapewear, jewelry and your coordinating pumps from Boston Proper.

Clear Your Mind

As bedtime approaches, the last thing to do to prepare for the coming day is to clear your mind and prime yourself for a restful slumber. Going to bed with a headful of worries, stress and pending tasks leads to tossing and turning though the night. A restless night fuels the morning monster. Before retiring, spend a few minutes jotting down any plaguing thoughts and putting together the next day’s schedule. Then, lace up your Converse and head out for a quiet stroll to enjoy the crisp night air and the stars. Along the way, replace stress with tranquility. When you come home, go straight to a warm bath, snuggly PJs and then bed.