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What Every Teen Driver Needs To Know

by Anne Middleton, on March 5th, 2015

Hi there, Mom and Dad!  Right now, you must be ecstatic.  Junior finally got his driver’s license. You’ve spent over a decade mired in what seemed like an eternal cycle of school pickups and trips to soccer practice, sleepovers and extracurricular activities. Now, you can finally hang up your chauffer’s hat. But, not so fast. Just because your progeny has mastered using a turn signal and parallel parking well enough to suit the DMV he may not truly be ready to hit the road. Before your offspring merges onto the highway, here are the most important things new driver’s need to know about safety and vehicle maintenance. 

How to change a flat

Even with AAA on speed dial, every driver should know how to switch a flat to a spare. Don’t let your teen get stranded with no cell signal and a punctured tire. Instead, arm fledgling drivers with the know-how to maneuver the vehicle to the side of the road and handle the situation on their own. They’ll also need to right equipment, so head over to 4 Wheel Parts for an extra tire.  You may also pick up a jack from 4 Wheel Drive.

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Put the phone away

Between chats with friends, text messages and apps, there’s always something to draw attention to the cell phone. However, distraction from cell phones is one of the biggest safety hazards for young drivers. Many states have hands-free laws, but leaving the phone in a handbag or console is the best option for resisting temptation. For emergency, can’t-miss calls, a Bluetooth device from Auto Parts Warehouse is the best option.

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What to do after an accident

Hopefully they never need to deploy this insight, but even the newest of drivers should understand what to do following a major or minor accident. After moving safely out of traffic, drivers should turn on flashers, call the authorities and exchange insurance information.

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Basic car maintenance

Though pulling into a full-service station or oil-change place seems effortless, many burgeoning drivers will find such indulgences out of their budget.  Instead, basic car care should have a spot in every driver’s roaster of talents. Ensure that your unseasoned drivers knows how to check tire pressure, change the oil, install new windshield wipers and check the coolant or antifreeze level. Pick up all the tools and supplies they will need at Advance Auto Parts.