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The Evil Eye

by Anne Middleton, on August 11th, 2015

If you’ve noticed glassy blue eyes everywhere, you’ve keyed into an ancient custom that’s recently become a fashion-trend:  the evil eye.  Popularized in Turkey, the evil eye spread throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East and took off in Latin America.  Supermodels and reality TV stars have been seen wearing the amulet, a simple blue eye. 

The idea behind the evil eye is that when someone covets something you have, they send negativity towards you.  Instead of that negative energy being taken on by you, the evil eye you wear repels the negative energy and after many dirty or envious looks, the amulet will break.  Why not protect your Ipad too?  PixraNaz offers evil eye stickers you can put on your photos to shield yourself from bad juju.  Your associates may feel desirous of you new Ipad Air 2 from T-Mobile, but you needn’t fear if you get the Pixra Naz app.  Just don’t tell them how much you paid, because you’ll get free shipping on your order of $25 or more. 

Our grannies and great-grandmothers had rituals to dispel the evil eye, as the eye was blamed for a myriad of sicknesses plaguing young children and cattle.  When the glass eye broke, it was immediately replaced.  Many would also do an oomancy to divine where the “bad eye” had come from and how to best vanquish the curse.  You may not have time for an ovoscopy today, but if you do want to protect your new Android phone from Verizon from the eye, the Hamsa Evil Eye Protector by BH Dev in the Google Play store nests a hamsa, aka the Hand of God, on your phone’s home screen.  Protect that new Motorola Droid Max and get $50 off all smartphones using our codes.

If you’re in a profession where all eyes are on you, you need to consider getting an eye.  We get dirty looks all the time, and even if it’s a superstition that they cause illness, a little protection might make you feel better.  Regardless, the evil eyes are fashionable and have rich lore to explore.  Explore on you new smartphone from T-Mobile or Verizon and use our codes to save.