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Exchange Vows with a Vehicle-themed Wedding

by Anne Middleton, on February 19th, 2015

If you and your paramour are ready to stroll down the aisle and join yourselves in matrimony, it’s time to start planning the ceremony and reception. Typical bridal décor can be overly dainty, syrupy sweet and exceedingly precious. If all the usual pearly accouterments aren’t your style, personalize your nuptials with some super-charged auto-themed décor.

Start by jazzing up your bouquet. While peonies and posies might be charming for some ladies, they can also be plebian and mundane. You need something truly captivating. Pop over to Advance Auto Parts for some wrenches and pliers to poke into your blooms. They will bring unexpected zing to the traditional arrangement and the silver finish will reflect off your rock of a ring.

Of course, you’ll need an intriguing setting to exchange vows, but massive candelabras and blossomy arches are too droll. Instead, point and click your way to 4 Wheel Parts and grab enough husky tires to stack into two columns. Wrap them with a bit of ribbon or tulle and allow a spray of flowers to emerge from the top of the stacks. The aftereffect is both tender and rough. Plus, what more solid foundation for starting a marriage could you have than a stack of rugged tires. If you are utilizing an alter or podium for your ceremony officiant, find your way to 4 Wheel Drive to acquire a bulky grille to set a dramatic stage.

At the end of the evening, handing out favors or tokens of appreciation to your attendees is customary. Skip the conventional putrid candles and stodgy candied almonds. Those things just end up in the rubbish receptacle anyway. Instead stock up on tire wash, wax, car shampoo and detailing cloths from Auto Parts Warehouse and invite guests to pick up one as they depart the soiree.

With a multitude of superb auto-themed touches, your wedding can go from tedious to exceptional.