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Exploring Kokology

by Anne Middleton, on August 10th, 2015

Self-examination doesn’t have to mean hours at the shrink’s.  It doesn’t have to mean volumes upon volumes of journaling.  It can be as simple as a little game or daydream, according to kokology.  Kokology, founded by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, uses guided daydreams to gain insight into deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung.

A favorite of kokology enthusiasts in The Cube Game, which asks you to visualize a cube in the desert.  Ultimately a game about self-knowledge, the cube and its surroundings elucidate what’s churning deep down inside of you.  Not the ink blot test of old, it’s a fun visualization game.  If you don’t have a partner to guide you through the game, check out The Cube Personality Test on the Apple app store.  If you’re still in an old flip phone, it’s time to usher in a new state of mind with a smart phone.  Get $50 off smartphones from Verizon using our codes. 

Tried The Cube and curious to learn more?  Google Play has kokology books that are sure to keep you amused and enlightened all summer long.  Kokology 2 offers 50 new quizzes that will help you get new insight into your colleague, friend or mate.  When you invest in a new tablet from T-Mobile, you can have kokology at the touch of a button.  Break up that stagnate team meeting at work with some kokology or spice up a humdrum dinner-and-a-movie date.  With free shipping on orders of $25 or more from T-Mobile, you can load the e-book on your new Samsung Galaxy Note. 

Insight might just be a thoughtful quiz away when you explore kokology.  Usher in a new state of mind and a new way of communicating this summer with a new phone or tablet.   We have codes that will connect your with the latest mobile technologies so that you can explore the ultimate puzzle…you!