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Family Reunion Time

by Anne Middleton, on June 16th, 2015

Summer is often family reunion time.  Besides swapping stories, you may also be comparing genealogical notes with your extended family.  Genealogy enthusiasts have a new tool in to research the roots and limbs of the family tree: mobile devices.

Want to show off the work you’ve done on the family tree since the last reunion?  Roots Magic is an Apple app, free, that helps you design your family tree.  No more drawing and coloring boxes.  You can share your tree at the touch of a button. Have trouble with those second and third cousins four times removed?  Roots Magic has a relationship calculator.  Speaking of family matters, check out T-Mobile’s family plans and get everyone an Iphone.  You can afford it with free shipping on all orders over $25 using our codes. 

Another great tool for that upcoming family reunion is Immortalia, an Apple store app that helps you capture and preserve your family’s stories for the next generation.  Great uncle Ned’s anecdotes about your great-great grandmother will only live as long as he does unless you make the wise choice to preserve them.  Immortalia helps you to videotape, catalogue and share your family’s stories.  Verizon offers the very best Iphones and great prices and Friends and Family Referral Rewards.  Use our codes to get $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices.

Collaborate with your clan using mobile devices and marvel at the results.  From glossy family trees to candid oral histories, your mobile device can be a great tool in preserving the history of your kin.  Our codes will help you to save, so you can preserve your family history.