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Fear of Flying

by Anne Middleton, on October 2nd, 2015

Does jetting off to exotic locales in a luxury jet give you the shivers?  Nearly 40% of people have some anxiety regarding flying.  It’s something that Whoopi Goldberg, Joseph Stalin and Ronald Reagan have in common.  Before you book that train ticket, why not investigate allaying that anxiety over aviating?  It’s very limiting to amble through life not being able to board a plane.  You can’t see and experience the place you’ve seen in magazines and movies.  We all have things we are afraid of like arachnids, dying, the dark, but if you’re ready to vanquish your trepidation of flying, you need to commit to a process of healing.  Apps can help with this, believe it or not, and there’s no monolithic way of overcoming fear of flight.

Hypnosis Apps—Frankly, that’s all I expected to find, and though I found a plethora, I was pleasantly surprised.  Hypnosis apps work from the premise that you need to relax yourself and reprogram yourself to be more comfortable with flying.  Some have pre-recorded tapes; others connect you to a hypnotist in real-time.  Though you may feel very sleepy, you won’t get bored with Overcome Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis App in the Apple app store.  Verizon offers free shipping on your order, so load it onto your new iPad.

Just The Facts Ma’am apps—These apps focus on making your fears be illumined for what they are: irrational.  Plus My Fly is another standout on the Apple app store that seeks to allay common fears of flying with facts and tips to ease your way.  Trackers also fall into this category, if you’re the type who wants to know exactly where they are at all times.

All-in-Ones—Crave a little calming, but also need a rational perspective?  Valk, available on Google Play, gives you the best of both worlds.  Merging breathing and calming techniques with no-nonsense factual empowerment about flying, this app even has a panic button that will put you in touch with a therapist if you’re experiencing turbulence that’s meteorological and emotional whilst in flight.  The VALK Foundation is a collaboration between Air France KLM, Transavia, Arkefly, Martinair, Leiden University and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and treats people with fear of flying and related complaints, based on years of scientific research.  You won’t have to research long to find the best prices on Android devices when you use our codes.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, so check in that second bag, but keep your new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in your carry-on.

There are bugaboos galore, but few are as limiting as the fear of flight.  Don’t wince each time the Travel Channel comes on.  Do something about those flight jitters.  There are apps for almost every kind of device.  Put those fears in their place and reclaim your right to fly!