Feeding Your Coffee Addiction

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by Anne Middleton, on April 27th, 2016

Almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans drink a multitude of different types of coffee beverages daily, according the reliable Gallup organization, with the majority of coffee drinkers averaging 2.7 cups per day.   And if these fans of caffeine are looking to add a shot of espresso, they average a median price of $2.45 per cup.   Home brewing machines like Keurig provide a simple, almost mindless method to make coffee in the privacy of your dwelling which allows consumers to enjoy premium coffee almost anytime with the endless choices of K-Cup flavors.

What’s Trending

Coffee aficionados know that there are two main types of coffee:

1. Arabica representing approximately 70% of the world’s coffee and thought to be superior in cup quality

2. Robusta producing about 30% of the world’s coffee. It is a lower-growing, higher-bearing tree that produces full-bodied coffee with a high caffeine content

Consumers are constantly searching for a new concoctions and types of coffee, so having choices is of paramount importance to this audience. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), U.S. consumers are ditching “non-gourmet” coffee in favor of more specialty coffee and espresso-based drinks.

A recently completed NCA survey found that daily consumption of gourmet coffee among adults is up to 34%. They cite a rise in espresso consumption as largely responsible for the gourmet coffee uptick.

How coffee is made and consumed is also trending differently than ever before. In 2014, NCA revealed the following fascinating data:

• 29% of respondents who drank coffee within the past day said they used a single-cup brewer, up 50% from the previous year

• 15% said there is a single-cup system in their home

• 25% of respondents who don’t currently own a single-cup brewer said they plan to buy one within the next six months

Drink Up in the Comfort of Your Home

Home brewing products, such as the well-known Keurig items, provide an attractive option for caffeine fiends. The Keurig brewers have the added benefits of saving time and money. Single-serving coffee systems appeal to all types of people with their efficiency, quality and array of beverage choices. It is clearly a convenient alternative to the local coffee shop for numerous reasons:

• You can created and personalize your daily cup of coffee from decaf to expresso

• You have complete control over producing a single serving of coffee or expresso

• The choices seem endless…companies such as Keurig offer over 575 K-Cup beverage varieties

• You can enjoy a fresh-made brew anytime, whether it is five o’clock in the morning or midnight

• Home brewing is done in the privacy of your own home so you can wear your pajamas, your underwear or just about any attire your prefer

• Your money stays in your wallet since you are not paying out your hard earned dollars for your daily cups of coffee. For example, if you purchase your daily brew at Starbucks or similar venues, USA Today estimates that you will spend $1,533.00 in a year.

Keurig – Leader of the Pack

The now familiar single-serving coffee brewing machines like Keurig were used by 29% of American coffee drinkers in 2014.

Keurig was the original single-serve brewer and coffee-pod manufacturing company, founded in Massachusetts in 1992. It launched its first brewers and K-Cup pods in 1998. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since its inception, Keurig has been a leader in single service coffee maker niche for both home and commercial office use. Not surprisingly, Keurig is ranked first in innovation in the beverage category. 

Keurig doesn’t stop just at coffee.  Keurig K-Cup beverage varieties include hot and cold coffees, teas, cocoas, dairy-based beverages, lemonades, cider and fruit-based drinks.

Saving Money

Clearly, people love coffee and people love money. Try these four tips to get the benefits of both:

• If you're not keen on giving up your favorite specialty drink, consider ordering a smaller size. This will give you the chance to indulge while still being able to save a few bucks.

• Flavored coffee creamers can be expensive. You can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost. Just search the internet for a multitude of different recipes

• But one of the best solutions to enjoying your “cup of Joe” without emptying your wallet is to create your own coffee shop at home.  Personalized brewing systems from Keurig are available at a wide range of price points to meet any budget.

• K-cups and coffee pods offer a cheaper alternative than going to your favorite mega coffee chain. You can even purchase an assortment of K-Cups in bulk to save additional money. 





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