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Find Your Inner Bookworm

by Anne Middleton, on January 26th, 2015

Sometimes the word “bookish” has been used as a pejorative, but being called bookish should never be an insult.  Intelligence is not only cool—it can be deeply attractive as well.  Such profound seductive power should be accompanied by equally attractive accessories.  If you are bookish and tired of the “Marian the Librarian” look, it’s time to dust off your thinking caps and reinvent some beloved bookworm accessories.

Bookmarks are:  floppy, flimsy, forgettable and often easily lost.  Even the leather bookmarks or the ones that mimic binder clips seem to traverse the universe only to be sucked into a black hole never to be recovered again.  For those of us who love reading the physical book (yes, old-school, we know), and hate losing our page mark, it’s time to re-think the bookmark.  Think chains, specifically automotive chain.  You can clip it to a suitable length and as you make the mad dash around the library and you hear the metallic “plink”, you’ll instantly know you’ve lost your beloved bookmark.  Auto Parts Warehouse has a great array of chains to consider.

Bookends are: sometimes bulky, sometimes flimsy and often underwhelming.  Car radios, when placed on their side, make quirky, amusing bookends that are sure to enhance any home library.  4 Wheel Parts will have what you need.  Use our promo codes and you’ll get those car radios for a song.

There’s nothing like the libraries of yesteryear with their stoic wood panels and hulking shelves that are heavy with books.  However, if you cannot re-create that look in your home (or don’t want to), you can create great shelving for books with tires and sheets of glass.  If you want a splash of hue, you can paint the tires or decoupage the glass for a nifty stained glass look.  Advance Auto Parts will have the tires you desire.

Many read in order to induce the Sand Man to visit them.  If you are a bedside reader and don’t want to trek back to the shelf to put the book away or clutter up your bedside table you can install a glove compartment, that triangular wonder of a shelving unit, to your wall.  It will easily store at least two larger books (or several scholarly journals for the most erudite of bookworms) and then you don’t trip over them in the morning when you are tardy to work or class. 4 Wheel Drive has a myriad of offerings in number or chromatic choices.

Cicero said, “A room without books is a like a body without a soul.”  Continue your love affair with physical books and re-kindle the romance (yes, pun intended) by rethinking those outdated book accessories.  As your cute self snuggles up with that favorite tome, you’ll be thanking PromoCodesForYou.com for amazing savings.