fitness trends for 2019

Fitness Trends for 2019: Start Your New Workout

by PromoCodesForYou, on January 24th, 2019

Since we are now well into 2019, there is a good chance you have become part of the 92 percent of Americans who have strayed from their New Year’s resolution.  And if  you were one of over 165 million Americans who’s objective was to commit to working out more often as part of their fresh start in the New Year, maybe all you need is a new workout routine to get you back on track.  


Fitness trends for 2019 and wide and varied.  Some of these new workouts may actually seem a bit bizarre, but many offer a more convenient exercise routine with loads of fun.


Give It a Try!


Here are four workouts that you may not know about to help inspire and motivate you throughout the year:


1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Sales of the unique fitness partner called “Mirror” soared when Ellen DeGeneres brought a focus to this latest workout trend when discussing it on her talk show. 


This new contraption is referred to as a “smart mirror.” It puts a fitness instructor inside a full-length mirror, projecting the workout onto a mirror that gets hung in your family room, bedroom, or anywhere you desire so you can sweat without leaving home.


The Mirror can stream live or pre-recorded fitness classes. Instructors appears on the screen, but because it's a mirror, you can still see your own reflection during the high-energy workouts. (All the more reason to buy those fashionable workout clothes you desire!).


Throughout the class, instructors can provide personal shout-outs to keep you motivated. Mirror also connects to Bluetooth fitness tracking devices and displays your biometrics in real time.


This game-changing device is ideal for a winter workout when you just can’t get motivated to go to the gym or cycling studio.


And, as an added bonus, when it’s turned off, it is simply a full-length mirror.


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2. Stretch It Out


No matter what type of exercise you do, no one (and we mean no one) stretches enough. 


Tight muscles may be a side effect of aging, but many trainers believe that stretching is a key factor in maintaining mobility. And we all know that mobility is essential for independence and overall health.


Enter the new fitness trend of assisted stretching and stretching studios.


Personalized stretch sessions aim to reduce stiffness and soreness, and increase range of motion to help you move better, feel energized, and even improve athletic performance. And there is research to support that long-term static stretching improves flexibility and muscle strength. , 


Stretching studios employ “Flexologists” and believe in the philosophy that being stretched by a well-trained expert can reduce muscle and joint pain, help prevent injuries, improve relaxation, and decrease stress.


If you're curious about trying a stretch studio, do your homework and ask questions before you book your appointment to assure the personnel are certified and qualified in the area of fitness and stretching. This new concept may just help to jump-start your workout resolution.


3. The Eyes Need Exercise, Too


Perhaps one of the most off-beat workout trends gaining support in 2019 is Eye Yoga. 


In today’s high-technology society, many people say they suffer from physical discomfort after hours of screen use. In fact, 59 percent of Americans say they suffer from “digital eye strain.”


Many age-related vision problems originate from a gradual loss of flexibility and tone in the eye muscles. Proponents of this trend believe Eye Yoga exercises can help cut down on eye strain and enjoy better vision and eye comfort.


Evidence suggests that there are benefits of Eye Yoga in reducing eye fatigue.   In other words, these exercises help improve the flexibility in eye muscles and support better focus.


Common eye yoga exercises include:


• repeatedly looking up and down, then left and right


• rubbing the palms of both hands together until they become warm and then gently placing the hands on closed eyes until the hands return to normal temperature.


• drawing an infinity sign with the eyes to exercise the muscles


Perhaps the best feature of Eye Yoga is that you can do it on your own. This fitness trend can be done at your desk and in-between other tasks to help reduce eye discomfort, blurry vision, and symptoms of eye strain. As we all continue to treasure our technological devices, we can expect Eye Yoga to grow in popularity.


4. Fit at Home


Technology is advancing every single day and is changing how we get in shape. We’re not just talking about wearable technology, although this trend is likely to grow in 2019. But we are referring to the at-home fitness trend which is absolutely set to explode in 2019.


Working out in living rooms is not a new concept. In the 1990’s people everywhere were Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and women everywhere were joining in with Jane Fonda on VHS.


Current at-home workout technologies are now much different. Exercising at home has experienced a renaissance.  Today’s personalized workout is tailored for individual goals without the hefty price tag or requirement of driving to and from a gym. At-home fitness not only allows you to workout in comfort, it also gives you a place to exercise without being surrounded by other sweaty individuals.


Peloton was one of the first to get thousands of loyal followers to jump on their stationery bikes and “join a class” in the comfort of their own home. The Peloton bike is equipped with a large high-definition screen, a manually controlled resistance flywheel, speakers that go loud enough to fill a room, (as well as a headphone jack to avoid disturbing others), and a plethora of live and on-demand classes.


For those who lack floor space for permanent equipment, there is the world of at-home workout apps that require little more than a yoga mat. In just three years fitness app usage has grown 330 percent.  Live and on-demand workouts led by trainers and even professional athletes are available at the touch of a finger.


Advanced equipment, fitness wearables and accessories, and streaming everything suggest that at-home workouts are not just fitness trends for 2019. They are here to stay.  Time to find your passion and join in!