Fixated by Fixtures

by Anne Middleton, on January 29th, 2015

Are you fixated by fixtures?  Do you salivate over faucets and handles?  It’s okay.  We won’t let out your secret, and we’ll help you hide your dirty fantasies revolving around drain covers.  If your spouse thinks you already spend too much time at Home Depot, throw them off the case by using auto parts as fixtures. 

Don’t let your imagination go dormant when it comes to door handles.  Great for the quirky office,  a door handle made of a wrench will not only get the doors open and shut, but may even open up new doors of opportunity for you too.  Get over to Auto Parts Warehouse to revivify all your doors.  Piston rods make excellent door handles too.  Explore the plethora of piston rods available to you at 4WheelDrive.com.

Once you’ve conquered your doors, move on to your dresser drawer doors.  Before you junk that blasé dresser, consider installing window handles and wrenches as drawer handles.  Upcycle that dresser and you’ll be happy for years to come.  4 Wheel Parts has an array of handles and will be able to handle all your customer service needs.

If your “mirror, mirror on the wall” is less than the “fairest of them all,” spruce up that lackluster mirror with a frame made of a grille—rugged, sexy and contempo.  Your bathroom will be any art aficionado’s destination.  Want a smaller statement piece?  Upcycle a car sideview mirror.  Advance Auto Parts will fix you right up with the perfect accoutrements.

Fix up your fixtures with auto supplies and every artiste in the neighborhood will be toasting you.  Use our promo codes to save a pretty penny and gussy up your fixtures.