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Food for Thought

by Anne Middleton, on January 28th, 2015

Lauren, a recent college graduate, has an insane passion for all things culinary.  She is the poster girl and definition of a true "foodie."

Lauren exhibits an insatiable fascination with the trendiest food fads. As a foodie, she pens her own blog and throws remarkable (and mouthwatering) dinner bashes.  She revels in discovering new-fangled and unique foods, while analyzing the minutiae of the wide range of taste, flavor, texture and nutrition her edible creations provide.

Every individual recipe and ingredient Lauren has encountered has been detailed and fully organized in neat and tidy files in her state-of-the-art computer. 

And now she has committed to taking the plunge…and is kicking off her very own business.  She has become a personal chef, catering to the bizarre demands of the wealthy population in a large metropolitan area.

Lauren’s entire entrepreneurial business is contained in her computer, a technological device that could easily be prone to nasty invaders ready to gobble up her data.

Being a savvy business shark, Lauren comprehends that her digital information is her life blood. Should she suffer the demise of even an ounce of her recipe records, her cooking establishment could become extinct.

As a small innovative consumer enterprise, Lauren is keenly aware that her customer records, cooking techniques, web content and confidential information require ultimate protection.

Lauren is a very busy gal with lots on her plate (pun intended). Although virtual communication with her patrons is vital to her survival, Lauren has no time or patience for junk mail clogging up her in-box.  McAfee blocks spam and dangerous email, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email threats, which is exactly what this damsel craves.

Although Lauren has jumped feet first into the unforgiving life of a business woman, she is somewhat illiterate in technology.  No worries.  With BitDefender, you don't need to be an IT authority to manage BitDefender’s Small Office Security. Anyone can install the software in minutes and begin to enjoy an impenetrable shield against the unforgiving world of electronic attacks.

Her business will certainly blossom since everyone needs to consume food, and most of us are pretty picky eaters. Norton will guard Lauren’s PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets from viruses and malware without adding to her escalating “to-do” list.

So whether you are like Lauren and at the threshold of a new small business, or if you boast a wide network of technology devices, possessing proactive and proven solutions that facilitate secure systems and networks is an absolute necessity.