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Founding Fathers

by Anne Middleton, on July 9th, 2015

We all have some ideas of the Founding Fathers based on our history classes, but they’re more than the marble statues and oil paintings we see today in history museums.  The Founding Fathers (and their wives) were people with quirks and foibles just likes us.

You may think you know everything about Thomas Jefferson as much as you may have read about him in high school and college.  Here’s some things you may not know.  Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration, July 4, 1826.  He also invented the swivel chair as we know it, because he didn’t want to get up from writing to look out the window.  Want to get into the head of Thomas Jefferson?  On your new Ipad from Verizon install the Thomas Jefferson Quick Quotes app.  Verizon offers 50% off accessories.  You won’t die in debt like Jefferson did, who was in arrears, at the time of his death, the contemporary equivalent of one million dollars. 

Even at the behest of his wife, John Adams did not consider women worthy of having rights.  Adams was told by his wife Abigail to “Remember the ladies,” and give women rights in the new country.  She wrote this to her husband while he was in Philadelphia working towards Independence. Adams jokingly dismissed that idea, saying “he knew better.”  Also, it seems like July 4th was a deadly day for three U.S. presidents—Monroe, Jefferson and Adams.  To learn more facts about US Presidents, go to the Socratica app on Google Play.  T-Mobile has great Android devices like the HTC One so you can declare your independence from overpriced cell phone service.   Get free shipping on your order of $25 or more from T-Mobile using our codes. 

Like the Founding Fathers, it’s time to stand up against tyranny—at least when it comes to overpriced mobile service.  Use our codes and save.  You won’t end up in arrears like Jefferson.