man on bike

Fuel Your Inner Soul

by Anne Middleton, on January 30th, 2015

You’ve heard it several times…“Chose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

For 25 years Justin has been thriving as a prominent lawyer with a very fruitful practice.  It’s a steady profession with a significant salary that comfortably supports his family.

The only glitch is that for 25 years, Justin has recognized that the life of an attorney is not fulfilling his inner soul. He judges this as a major obstruction to his contentment in life.  When Justin is completely candid, he would reveal that the most gratifying portion of his day transpires just before sunrise. 

Every morning when the customized jingle on his alarm clock rouses Justin from his slumber, he literally leaps out of his bed and sprints to the gym for a two-hour intense workout.  During this beloved segment of his schedule, he feels a complete release of tension, he experiences an ability to sort out the rest of his day and he revels in the total physical commitment of his exercise routine. Simply put, Justin relishes this sensation of pure bliss and joy, and recently came to the realization that he needed to make a 180 degree life change.

He gathered his family together and took a deep breath. He articulated to them that he had decided to leave the law and explore a career as a fitness professional and personal trainer, bracing himself for the barrage of disapproving comments and resistance from his household.  But then something unexpected, even miraculous emerged. Every single relative assembled in that dwelling provided Justin with their unwavering encouragement for his decree.  They were so resolved in their endorsement, that Justin was overwhelmed and brought to tears.

Their backing was even more apparent when Justin recapped his decision which would put him at the bottom of this new occupation’s ladder and money will be sparse compared to practicing law.  His kinfolk restated that all they desired was that their beloved husband and parent would be content with his life, particularly after sacrificing for so many years on their behalf.  All this was great news.  His new life would necessitate a comprehensive plan. Where to start? Unfortunately, his current gym was well staffed with experienced personnel and they were not looking to hire.

He had not searched for a job in over two decades, so he confessed to be perplexed on where to commence his journey.  Justin’s eldest son reminded him of how helpful it was to have as a primary resource during his own job search.

In a very short time, Justin secured a role as a personal trainer at a large health club and became a certified instructor.  In no time at all, he was promoted to manager, then advanced to director and ultimately took the plunge and opened his own fitness facility.

Today, his eagerness and passion for his new occupation is observed daily by family, friends and clients of his health center; he has unearthed his authentic happiness.

Now Justin never really “works” a day in his life.