national geography awareness week

Geography Awareness Week

by Anne Middleton, on November 10th, 2015

Nov. 8th through the 14th is National Geographic’s annual Geography Awareness Week.   Are you geo-literate?  How about your kids?  2015’s theme is Explore the Power of Maps, celebrating 100 years of cartographic history.  How do you get involved?  Here’s some virtual resources to help our kids (and ourselves) learn geography.

@LoveGeography is your portal to geography factoids on Twitter.  #GeoWeek is their official hashtag, so get into the conversation on Twitter on your new mobile device from Verizon.  Brush up on your cartography skills with Google Earth and Google Maps from the Google Play Store. 

Apple users aren’t left out either.  The Learn with Maps series of apps illustrates the histories of various nations through its historic maps.  There are not just borders and troop movements either.  Some maps elucidate industrial and economic information as well.  Another great find in the app store’s cache of apps is the World Heritage Sites on Chronicle Map.  Time Maps is another educational series that can be purchased in a convenient app bundle.  T-Mobile also offers great savings on Apple devices when you shop with our codes. 

With navigations systems galore, we sometimes forget about our forbearers who relied on the map-in-hand and the cartographers that strove to make accurate maps.  Take the time to brush up on your map skills this week and take your wunderkinds along for the trek.  We’ll empower you with mobile devices at great savings using our codes, so you can do some exploring our your own with your family.