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Give Your Christmas Décor a Facelift

by Anne Middleton, on December 22nd, 2014

You don’t have to dash through the snow in a horse-powered sleigh to get supplies for your kitschy Kris Kringle crafts.  If you do want to give your Christmas crafts a resuscitation, think about re-purposing automotive supplies.  Here’s some brassy and sassy ideas.

First thing, if cedar or fir or pine causes you to wheeze and sneeze, you do not need to suffer for the sake of the season.  Paint some tires green and stack them high.  Cover with lights and then use a hubcap as your tree topper.  Your mother-in-law may go berserk that her Martha Stewart fantasy holiday for your domestic life has been disrupted, but your tire tree will be enshrined in nostalgia for years after the in-laws get over the initial shock. Go to 4 Wheel Parts. They’ll have those tires you need and more. Want to ease into giving your tree an industrial face lift?  All those mechanical trinkets—the wrenches, nuts, wings and chains—that make your car go are also shiny.  Did someone say Christmas ornaments?  4 Wheel Drive has the supplies you need and more.

Some of us are love-challenged, it’s true.  Enhance your opportunities of garnering a holiday honey by creating a mobile of wing nuts, chains, ornaments, and mistletoe.  Strike up a conversation about the mobile and then buss your intended.  Advance Auto Parts can help you make some holiday advances on that special someone. 

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Somehow, all Christmas wreaths look the same, as if they all came from some wreath factory powered by coerced Christmas elves.  Seriously, can you recall a Christmas wreath that you said “Wow, that is the epitome of holiday warmth and cheer”?  No, you forget them.  We all do.  Christmas wreaths need a renaissance.  The answer is hubcaps.  The answer is Auto Parts Warehouse.  Round, shiny, sleek—your hubcap wreath—très chic!

Whether you utilize horse or reindeer power for your decking of halls and fa-la-la-la-ing, Christmas décor can use a facelift—or in this case a detail!  Rev up your creative engines and craft some décor you’ll cherish for Christmases to come.