Google Self-Driving Car

by Anne Middleton, on December 22nd, 2015

2015 is almost over and it’s been a big year for the self-driving car.  Once thought to be something to look forward to in the far-flung future, self-driving vehicles may just be years instead of decades away for the normal consumer.  Google’s cars have been in 11 accidents total, all minor, and Google asserts that none have been the self-driving vehicle’s fault. What’s important to note is that though how the car is being driven is changing, for the most part, car design remains the same.  So here’s a few car care items to stock up whether you’re still driving yourself or if you’ll be letting Google do the driving soon.

Brands like Lexus and Toyota have been retrofitted to be Google Cars, so you’ll definitely need auto suppliers that stock parts for these auto brands.  Advance Auto Parts offers Schley valve adjusting tools for both Lexus and Toyota Vehicles, so be sure to use our codes to save. 

Due to safety concerns Google Cars have not been tested in heavy rain or snow, so if you live in an area known for its inclement weather, Google Cars are not for you…yet.  You’ll still need to stock up on supplies to keep your car ready for the weather.  Be sure to have a Universal Hopkinks Snow Brush and Scraper on hand from Auto Parts Warehouse.  Check your garage and be sure you have enough anti-feeze to get your through the winter and save when you get Be Coolant Super Duty Anti Freeze from 4 Wheel Drive, made to withstand temperatures of -26F. 

For all the new technology making the Google Car go, the interiors of the cars are much the same.  Buff and polish your interiors with Microfiber Towels for Leather and Interior from 4 Wheel Parts.  Make your car smell great with Daisy Dukes Air Freshener.  Now go for a ride, whether you’re the driver or your trusting Googles algorithms to pilot you. 

Google plans to make its cars available to the public as early as  2017, just about a year away.  Are you ready? Be sure to stock up your garage with all the classic car care gear you’ll need to keep that Google Car gleaming and save when you shop with our codes.