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Gotti Gifts

by Anne Middleton, on October 5th, 2015

It pays to be a Gotti.  The famed crime family supposedly received $2.5 million in wedding gifts when Gotti groom, John Agnello, grandson of the late Dapper Don, married his longtime love Alina Sanchez in Long Island.  The fete, attended by felons and celebrities alike, lasted two days, under intense surveillance both by the Feds and paparazzi.  Despite the long standing omerta, there were rumors about the event. Some said there was no gift registry; others that there was a $5K tribute required to attend.  You may not be part of la malavita, but here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your wedding registry. 

1.  Have high and low price points.  Register at a few places, certainly more than one, but not ten.  Register at stores that have offerings of several price points.  Keep track of them all by loading them on your new iPad from Verizon.

2. Register for more gifts than you have invited guests.  If you've invited 400 guests, select more than 400 gifts in your collection of registries. 

3. Elders shop differently.  While you may want to load your Williams-Sonoma Gift Registry app on your new Samsung Galaxy Note5 from T-Mobile, great-aunt Violet may prefer calling a 1-800 number, so take into account how tech-savvy your guests may or may not be. 

4. Give you and your guests time.  Get your registries up and going at least four months before the nuptial date, so that your beloved can bestow engagement and wedding day gifts.  And, of course, be gracious and write thank-you notes promptly.  Miss Manners would approve.

Planning the wedding is just one part of the nuptial experience.  Plan your registry well too. You may not get millions of dollars, but a well-planned, facile to use registry is a bridal must-have.  Use our codes and you'll get connected to devices that will help you manage that magnificent registry you're creating, so you can create your wedded life together.