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Hair Raising Beauty

by Anne Middleton, on December 4th, 2014

The politically correct opinion to express is “inner beauty matters more than how you look on the outside.”  But the truth is most of us like our outer beauty to shine as well.  And for many of us, that means a gorgeous hair style.


What if you’re caught in a situation where you have very limited tools and resources to manage your tresses?


Perhaps you accompanied your significant other to a NASCAR or Indy Motor Racing event.  You’re on this road trip because your other half is a true car fanatic and possesses all the latest auto gadgets.  You’ve never seen him or her so giddy about traveling together in a car.


But then something occurs to you.


Just as you are about to reach your hotel destination near the racetrack, you realize you left some of your most important beauty tools in a travel bag back at your house.  Now what?

In order to have any self-confidence at all, you recognize that you must absolutely curl your hair before going to the racetrack.  But no curling iron or curlers can be found anywhere in your luggage.  Time to improvise!


Your partner recently visited Auto Parts Warehouse and you locate cylinder-head bolts in the car’s trunk.  These bolts have secure sealing and seem to be designed precisely as a substitute for hair curlers.  They even have a large head on one end to easily remove them from your hair. The crisis has been adverted.


Just when you believe the locks on top of your head are race worthy, you are caught outside in a sudden rainstorm.  All your work to curl your hair has been lost.


Time to switch to plan B.


Every gal realizes that if all else fails, put your hair into a ponytail.  But without a scrunchy in sight, this is easier said than done.  Luckily, 4 Wheel Parts recently shipped your companion a set of One-Piece Rubber Clamps. These auto accessories hold items ½” to 3” in diameter…perfect for a braid to hide all the frizz from the recent precipitation in the air.


But just to make sure, you grab your hair spray to keep every strand in place.  The wind at the track is whipping wildly, so you seize a pair of protective goggles purchased from 4 Wheel Drive to protect your eyes when you deploy the hair spray.


These high quality glasses help shield your eyes from dangerous debris and even offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Three interchangeable lenses (clear, smoke and amber) are included and they come with a protective fabric and a carrying case for storage.


To assure your overall appearance is as close to perfection as possible, you jump in the car to steal a quick look in the Universal Rear View Mirror from Advance Auto Parts. 


You may not look as stunning as you usually do, but you are proud of what you accomplished with your flowing mane using simple auto parts.