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Hair Raising Troubles

by Anne Middleton, on February 23rd, 2015

Since kindergarten, these four women have been inseparable and maintained an unbreakable bond.  They have relished in sharing all of life’s key milestones side-by-side.

Their lives have been intertwined since learning how to tie their shoes, partaking in driver’s education, voting together for the first time, receiving college acceptance letters (they all attended the same university), first loves, heartaches, countless hair and make-up styles, first apartment, first job …well you get the idea.

Now, after 29 years of life’s trials and tribulations, one of these young women is engaged and organizing the wedding of a lifetime.  These epoch friendships leave no question of who will be chosen as bridesmaids for this momentous event. 

As the countdown to this memorable date commences, all four young women have elected to jointly venture to their shared hair stylist to sample various options for their wedding day tresses.  Everything from ringlets to braids to ponytails will be part of the experiment.

Off to the Salon! 
Luckily, their normally reliable hair artist, Jeffrey, is familiar with this cluster of four friends. He is genuinely enthusiastic about creating unique masterpieces for their flowing manes to enrich this notable occasion.

But before any quirky hair designs can be implemented, each girl necessitates a re-fresh of their original hair shade.  Over the years, Jeffrey has cataloged on his computer the exact combination of hues each woman fancies so there is never a human blunder when mixing the color components.

Jeffrey’s new assistant prepares the color concoctions for each of these female clients.  The girls are giddy as they enter the salon for this run-through of hair designs in advance of the upcoming nuptials.

One by one they settle into the revolving beauty store stool while a customized blend of dyes is deposited onto their locks.  As you can imagine, the chatting is continuous, boisterous and even a bit distracting as the personalized liquid color is squeezed meticulously onto each individual’s head.

Then under the old-fashioned dryers they go to bond the pigment to each and every strand.

The results
An hour later, each woman peers into the full-length mirrors and simultaneously, four spine-chilling screeches of horror can be heard for an entire city block.

Their reflections present deep chartreuse and lightning blue wisps populating each of their craniums.  This is far from the traditional blond and brunette colors that they anticipated. It is simply ghastly.

What the heck transpired to create such a scandalous outcome?  Unwittingly, Jeffrey’s computer was hacked.  And the cyber criminals infiltrated all his files. The conventional formulas for the proper blond and brunette colors were mangled resulting in formulations for shocking blue and scandalous fluorescent green tints.

The bride-to-be is appalled as she reminds Jeffrey that her wedding is not planned to be a clown convention.  Jeffrey is similarly devastated.  If only he had installed the Antivirus Software Programs he purchased last month, his files would never have been tampered with and this hair-raising disaster could have been avoided.

Hackers have become commonplace
In our world of expanding dependence on technology, hackers possess an ever expanding range of techniques to penetrate and access an innocent user’s computer.  Mercifully, there are superhero antivirus establishments that help resolve these distressful happenings.

Norton Antivirus is able to protect electronic gadgets from the tools hackers use to infiltrate data, files and platforms. Successfully preventing and removing malicious programs from PCs with Norton’s antivirus program provides a shield from many of the methods hackers use to break in to systems and files.

McAfee furnishes software that guards devices from viruses, hackers and even spyware. Users can relax knowing that they possess the most current protection updates and enhancements delivered automatically. With McAfee you constantly have the most up-to-date security.

A newer player in the technology protection field is BitDefender. Award winning BitDefender Antivirus is engineered to enable businesses and consumers to utilize their computers without apprehension of viruses and other e-threats. BitDefender identifies the most effective process for your system to stay clear of dangers without requiring special configuring.

As for the hair raising incident, Jeffrey is fortunate.  The wedding is months away and hopefully during this interlude between the astonishing colored hair and the actual walk down the aisle, these mop tops will be back to “normal.”