verizon zombie phone

Halloween-Ify Your Phone

by Anne Middleton, on October 19th, 2015

So you’ve got the scarecrow out, selected a few primo pumpkins, amassed a huge a cache of treats and are putting the finishing touches on your costume.  You’re ready for Halloween, right?  Nope.  Did you Halloween-ify your phone?  Here’s our favorite ghoulish apps for the Halloween season.


You know you want Halloween emojis.  Get it!  Halloween Emoji Keyboard Theme transmogrifies your sans serif keyboard letters to eerie script straight from the witch’s grimoire.  Hot for haunted abodes?  Load the Halloween Wallpaper FREE onto your new LG Leon LTE from T-Mobile.  Get free shipping on your order of $25 or more, so get your gaggle of ghouls new phones in time for Halloween. 


Sure, you look scary.  Your house looks like the set of Crimson Peak.  Does it sound macabre too?  Halloween Spooky Sound Box has a library of spine-tingling sounds for you to petrify the trick-or-treaters with in the Apple app store.  Need a distraction at work?   Halloween Mahjong is quite the treat.  You won’t be spooked by high retail markups on new Apple devices when you shop using our codes from Verizon.  Get up to $50 off select smartphones too, when you shop using our codes.    

Halloween is in the air, so make sure to get your phone into the festivities too.  If your mobile device is exhibiting zombie-like behaviors or is a vampire when it comes to battery power, perhaps it’s time to bury that dying phone and opt for a new one.  Our codes with Verizon and T-Mobile aren’t scary, so we’ll leave the scary up to you!  Happy Halloween!