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Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

by Anne Middleton, on February 4th, 2015

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!  Aquarius the Water Bearer is the harbinger of the future.  Weird, futuristic and androgynous, Aquarius’ power color is turquoise and their power feature is their ankles.  Water-bearers should have a plethora of great sun sign savvy footwear.

Boston Proper’s Proper Wedge Sneaker is right in Aquarius’ fashion wheelhouse.  Functional, yet au courant, you can sashay around town feeling a member of the Jetsons family.  Too kooky?  Opt for their Turquoise high heel sandal in Aquarius’ power hue.  With its strap over the ankle, it’s sure to accentuate your dynamo personality.  Get 10% off your order when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.  You’ll always be on top of the future of fashion.

Your Aquarian baby will be over the moon when they toddle around in Jesse Patchwork Boots from UGG.  Soft and warm, your child’s feet will be enveloped in comfort and style.  Dakota Swirl in its electric blue is sure to tantalize Aquarius’ New Age-y sensibilities.  Not digging the electric blue?  Get your amateur chromo therapy hat on and find a hue that speaks to your sensitive Aquarian kid.

Aquarians are empathic.  They feel everything.  Sometimes, Aquarius, you have to honor your innate sensitivity and have something that’s just for you.  If the shoe fits, don’t just wear it, customize it.  WOMEN'S NIKEiD is a fully customizable line of women’s footwear.  Choose your outsole, your color , even the hue of your Nike swoosh.   Let your sui generis aesthetic reflect in your shoes.   Order over $75 and get free shipping with our promo codes.

Aquarius always chooses substance over style.  With Converse, you can have both.  The fashion house Missoni, renowned for its saturated hues in dazzling patterns has teamed with Converse for its women’s premium line.  Coupled with Converse’s street-smart styling, Aquarius can be a fashionista and a savant par excellence.  With $5.95 flat rate shipping using our promo codes, you can succumb to that urge to splurge.

The Water Bearer’s feet take carry them through their global and cosmic journeys.  Whether that journey is through the Himalayas or just down the street for a quart of milk, step out in style and save with our promo codes.  You’ll be happy you did, birthday boys and girls.