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Happy Birthday, Capricorn

by Anne Middleton, on December 25th, 2015

Happy Birthday, Capricorn. We’re know you’re kicking butt, taking names and always climbing the ladder of success.  You need some excellent shoes for all these activities, Goat-Fishes, and we’re here to shod you for whatever mountains you’re looking to climb. 

Ruled by Saturn, the king of time and obstacles (Father Time), Capricorns have a weird relationship with time.   They look old when they’re young and young when they are old.  They age in reverse and are known for their endurance.  Capricorns need high quality shoes to walk through life, which is why for the lady Capricorns, the Over the Knee Wedge Boot by Boston Proper is a great choice for classy and classic Capricorn.

Capricorns are known leaders and that’s why most U.S. presidents either have had their sun or moon in aspirational, yet somber Capricorn, only tying with fellow Earth sign, Taurus.  It’s easy to see a would-be president wearing the Dalby Men’s Shoe by UGG.  Comfortable, yet authoritative, it’s a fine quality shoe that’s made to last more than a season. 

Roy Disney and Jeffrey Skoll are two of the world’s most notable Capricorn billionaires.   Capricorns work hard, sometimes for years when others have long given up.  Oddly both gentleman have made their mark in Hollywood.  We can definitely see Skoll, head of Participant Media (The Help, He Named Me Malala, The Cove, et al) looking Hollywood casual in Converse, especially the Converse Boot. 

Happy Birthday, Capricorn.  Your steely resolve helps you make your mark on the world, so keep climbing.  We’ve got shoes to help.  Shop with our codes and have a little affordable luxury this year.





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