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Happy Birthday, Google!

by Anne Middleton, on September 28th, 2015

Happy Birthday, Google! Yesterday, September 27th marked the birthday of Google, the ubiquitous search engine that powers many of our explorations of the internet.  The unofficial slogan of Google is “Don’t be evil,” but we’ve found some wickedly cool ways to extend your use of Google on your mobile devices.

Virtually Google’s whole suite of apps is available to Apple aficionados.   One Google offering I feel doesn’t get enough attention is Google Keep, which is like having sticky notes but without the neon and pastel cubes of paper.  Never fiddle through your purse again looking for a crumpled post-it that’s been smattered with schmutz.  Digitize your little reminders via Google Keep and the environment will thank you too.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on you order of $25 or more, so splurge on that new iPhone!

Android users are probably already acquainted with the portal of fun that is Google Play.  Have you tried Google Fit yet?  Nix getting an expensive wearable, and load the app into your new Samsung Galaxy Note5.  Want to perfect your on-screen doppelganger?  Try Androidify me!   All your mainstay Google apps are in Google Play too, like Sheets, Calendar and Maps.  Verizon offers free shipping on any order, so use our codes to save on great Android devices. 

You know you’re impactful when you’ve become a verb.  How many times have you caught yourself saying, “I’m googling it now.”  That’s when you know something is here to stay.  Happy Birthday, Google!  And as a birthday gift to you Google-lovers out there, use our codes to save on mobile devices!